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One of the first achievements you will unlock in the game: Beginning.

Achievements are challenges for a player to complete. As of Version 26_37, Cell to Singularity now features 450 achievements.

  • 20 of them are general achievements, substantial breakthroughs in the history of evolution. Most are obtainable in the primary simulation, with the others located in the Mesozoic Valley, Beyond, and Exploration Hub.
  • There are 43 * 5 = 215 achievements you can get by purchasing a certain number of Generators (usually with tiers of 25, 50, 100, 150 and 250 in the primary simulation). They start with the Amino Acid and currently end with the Martian City.
  • Similarly you will get 25 * 2 = 50 achievements for developing Generators within the Mesozoic Valley (with tiers of 75 and 200). Here it starts with the Archosaur and ends with the Giganotosaurus.
  • In the Beyond phase 1 (Episodes 1-17) you can get 80 achievements. Similarly you will get 17 * 2 = 34 achievements for reaching rank 5 on every celestial object with the exception of the last 4 celestial objects only requiring rank 3. Additionally there are 17 * 2 = 34 achievements for reaching rank 10 on every celestial object up to Vesta, rank 8 for celestial objects between and including Jupiter and Sedna, and rank 6 for the remaining celestial objects. The remaining 12 achievements you get for unlocking all zodiac Constellations.
  • The new Beyond phase 2 (Currently Episodes 18-24) includes 65 additional achievements. These are 26 * 2 = 52 additional interstellar object achievements and 13 additional Constellation achievements.
  • There are 20 additional secret achievements, with 6 requiring Logit ConsoleLogit ConsoleLogits, and 1 requiring DarwiniumDarwiniumDarwinium. The minimum required amount of Logits is 375 and DarwiniumDarwinium75 Darwinium, which would mean a minimum of 7 Explorations have to be fully finished.

The maximum number displayed on the achievement tabs is made up of the sum of the General, Generator and Secret Achievements of each bubble universe. Consequently the currently maximum number in the Primary Simulation is currently 255, in the Mesozoic Valley is 90 and in the Beyond is 185

General Achievements[]

Primary Simulation[]

  • Beginnings - Evolve first living organism - Prokaryotes have high metabolic growth rates, leading them to be not only the first true organisms on Earth, but also one of the most prolific.
    • Buy a Prokaryotic Cell.
  • Upward and Onward - Evolve life that can swim - As basic creatures develop the ability to swim, they leave the grounding of the ocean floor and are able to explore new worlds - heading towards the surface.
    • Buy a Jellyfish.
  • Out of the Ocean - Evolve first land animal - Escaping the dangers of the sea, the first land dwellers develop legs and make their way onto solid ground, heralding a new age of evolution.
    • Buy a Tetrapod.
  • If I Had A Hammer - First Tool - Early humans craft axes and hammers out of stone, turning the very rock to their will. Our ability to alter the world around us, to go above and beyond, begins here.
    • Buy the Stone Age.
  • First Human - Evolve Human - Originating in Africa, Homo Sapiens replace the earlier species of Homo Erectus and begin their great migration to cover the planet.
    • Buy a Human.
  • Singularity Glass - Permits upgrades beyond the Singularity - Your Quantum Computer Simulation could not handle all calculations and crashed. This upgrades your hyper-ram so you can go beyond the Singularity and calculate its effect on the universe.
  • Déjà vu - Restart the Simulation again - The technological singularity was successful!
    • Get the Singularity again. The description is misleading. You will not get it by merely restarting the simulation again.
  • Terraform Mars Complete - Unlocks Interstellar Travel - You have successfully terraformed Mars. Humanity now has a second home. Mars will act as a base for future space exploration.
  • Back to the Ocean - Unlocked Cetaceans - You have unlocked the Cetacean branch of the mammal tree. Now we know what led some mammals to return to living in the sea.
  • King of the Jungle - Unlocked Feliformes - You have completed the Mammalian branch of evolution. Now we can better understand our mammal ancestors and relatives.
    • Unlock the Feliformes with Metabits.

Mesozoic Valley[]

  • Dawn of the Dinosaurs - Uncover the Great Fossil - The Mesozoic Era began with the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event, the largest documented mass extinction in Earth's history. Separated into three major periods - the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous - this era saw many new developments in geology, climate, and evolution, including the age of dinosaurs.
  • Massive Comet - Trigger Extinction - 66 million years ago, three quarters of all life on Earth suddenly died. Scientists believe that this mass extinction event was caused by the impact of an asteroid that ushered in a devastating ecological collapse. But without this disaster the modern world would not exist.
    • Trigger an Extinction by finishing all objectives in the first level.
  • Prehistoric Research - Create first T-Rex - Dinosaurs have been known to humans since Ancient Chinese scholars discovered what they thought were the bones of dragons during the Jin Dynasty. The future will only bring us more knowledge about these mysterious beasts that once ruled the Earth.
    • Unlock the T-Rex by reaching Rank 26.
  • Reptilian Relatives - Crocodilians Discovered - While they are not the descendants of dinosaurs, crocodilians are the last living archosaurs. Evidence of this can be seen in some traits that distinguish them from other modern reptiles, like their four-chambered heart and cerebral cortex.
    • Unlock Crocodilians by reaching Rank 6 (This is after the third achievement because this is added in the Rise of Reptiles, which is seperate from the Mesozoic Valley update.)
  • Avian Ancestors - Birds Discovered - Dinosaurs evolved to be smaller, lighter, and faster, eventually surviving the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event. Eventually, they moved to the trees and began to develop wings. This was the beginning of the process of evolving into what we know today as birds.
    • Unlock Neoaves by reaching Rank 38.
  • Regicide - Create a Giganotosaurus - Scientists still debate which dinosaur was the largest theropod. Some specimens are known only by partial skeletons, so scientists are unsure of who was the true king of the dinosaurs - Giganotosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, or Spinosaurus.
    • Unlock Giganotosaurus by reaching Rank 48.


  • We Have Lift-off - Unlocked Beyond Simulation - You've discovered a new branch of evolution! Exploring outer space will open new possibilities for the simulation.
  • Only Eight - Discovered all planets - You've discovered all of the planets in our solar system. Studying these celestial bodies gives us insight into our own - and other - planets.
    • Unlock Neptune in Objective 8: Visit the Last Planet.
  • To Infinity... and Beyond! - Reach Alpha Centauri - You've left our solar system behind. By journeying to this new star system, we can learn more about the vast cosmos.
    • Unlock Alpha Centauri in Objective 17: Embark to Our Nearest Neighbour.

Exploration Hub[]

  • Exploration Hub - Unlock Explorations - Let Semblance take you on a limited-time journey. What worldly secrets are out there to explore? Assist her mission as you find more information to strengthen the simulation.

Generator Achievements[]

Most achievements will require a specific number of Generators. In the primary simulation, each Generator has five associated achievements. When you tap on an achievement in the menu, you will be rewarded with a burst of Entropy and/or Ideas. In this menu, you can tap on the achievements to read trivia and learn facts about the Generator. Rebooting the simulation has no effect on the achievements; once obtained, they are permanent.

Info: You find descriptions of the following generator achievements (including constellations achievements) directly on the individual generator pages, but they are not yet complete. Links to the pages can be found in the tabs below. Missing Achievements you find in the Tabular Compilation of Achievements. (Missing descriptions on individual generator/constellation pages will be added soon.)

Primary Simulation[]

  • The first achievement requires 25 generators, it appears to be bronze.
  • The second achievement requires 50 generators. Look for an addition to the tree that will result in a 50% increase in production; it appears to be silver.
  • The third achievement requires 100 generators. Look for an addition to the tree that will result in a 100% increase in production; it appears to be golden.
  • The fourth achievement requires 150 generators, it appears to be opaque diamond.
  • The fifth achievement requires 250 generators. The reward will be 1 Darwinium. It is purple in color.
  • The Martian Factory and Martian City generators have easier requirements for the fifth achievement. Instead of 250 for both, Martian Factory only requires 225, and Martian City only requires 200.

Button Primary Simulation

Button Primary Simulation

Mesozoic Valley[]

  • The first achievement requires 75 generators, it appears bronze.
  • The second achievement requires 200 generators, it appears silver.
  • All 25 generators (Archosaur to Giganotosaurus) each have these achievements (25*2=50)

Button Mesozoic Valley


  • The Rank required for the first achievement varies:
  • The Rank required for the second achievement varies:
    • Sun to Vesta: Rank 10
    • Jupiter to Sedna: Rank 8
    • Planet X to Horsehead Nebula: Rank 6
  • All 60 generators (Sun to Horsehead Nebula) each have these achievements (60*2=120).

Button Beyond

Button Beyond

Button Beyond

Secret Achievements[]

  • Shark Week - Unlocked all Sharks - Most sharks have huge appetites and have been known to consume everything from dolphins and seals to cannonballs, car tires, and, according to one 16th century French naturalist, an entire suit of Medieval armor.
  • King of Beasts - Click on Archie - Beating all opponents, T-Rex stands tall as the most popular resident of the Mesozoic Valley. They are truly unbeatable in the hearts of their fans.
    • Click on Archie the Archosaur in the Mesozoic Valley world. He is next to the T-rex and is wearing a tuxedo.
  • Monkeying Around - Made an Ape Dab. - So you clicked on the ape so many times it dabbed. Are you proud of yourself?
    • Make an Ape Dab by tapping on an ape several times.
  • Voyage of the Beagle - Discover Galapagos Island - You've found the hidden Galapagos Island! Charles Darwin visited this chain of islands in the 1830s and observed the wildlife there. It was here that he began to form his theories of natural selection.
    • Using camera mode or Map Mode, you can find the Galapagos Island at the Jungle coastline. Clicking on Darwin's bust (?) prompts the achievement.
  • Archie-ologist - Discovered Archie's Fossil - You've found a familiar fossil! Archie the Archosaur may be extinct, but he'll live forever in our hearts.
    • Using Camera mode or Map mode, you can find Archie's fossil behind the elephant, in the savanna biome. Image for help.
  • Bird of Paradise - Clicked on the Paradise Bird. - Follow the bird of paradise to the Galapagos Islands! This bright fellow flies a different course, and might just bring you along with him.
    • Click the tan-colored bird with a blue mouth. Several can be found in Galapagos Island, and one can be found flying near the outskirts of the Land garden. Requires Birds/Neoaves to be purchased.
  • Amazonian Dolphins - Discovered Secret River Dolphin. - Dolphins live all over the world, from the coast of Scotland to the waters of the Caribbean. Four species of freshwater dolphins can even be found living in the Amazon river!
    • Click the pink dolphin near the crocodiles. You must unlock x100 Cetaceans first, then buy the Dolphin upgrade. Image for help.
  • Speed Demon - Reach Singularity in under 6 minutes - Wow, your fingers must be sore! You've reached the Singularity in record time.
    • Purchase Singularity under 6 minutes. This achievement can be easily done with Nanobots in buying mode.
  • Gotta Go Fast - Reach Singularity in under 3 minutes - How did you even do that?! You're one of the elite few who've gotten to the Singularity with such speed. However you accomplished it, I'm impressed.
    • Purchase Singularity under 3 minutes. This achievement is very challenging, and the best way is to memorize the required Upgrades, Generators, and Trophy Upgrades, as well as their position. You have to perfectly time each purchase, and this achievement involves a lot of trial and error.
  • Tibetan Fox - Discovered a secret fox - Tibetan Foxes are soft and small, with a fluffy yellow tail. Their square-shaped head and narrow muzzle give them a disaffected look, but help them to hunt their prey, pika, across the hills of the Tibetan Plateau.
    • You will find the sand colored fox near the top of the peak, under the highest planted tree, above the beavers (Glires) and left of the ibex (Ungulates). It's just above the capybara (Glires) if you've unlocked them. Click the Tibetan Fox and you'll get the achievement. You must unlock the Caniform first, then buy the Fox upgrade. See this Image for exact location.
  • Flatworm Fever - Secret Disco Ball Discovered. - Thought the Flatworm Rave couldn't get any cooler? It appears you're on the afterparty list, complete with a disco ball and sick beats.
    • Buy the Dancing Flatworm for Logit ConsoleLogit Console25 Logits in the Augmentations Console and enable it. Then, click on the now multicolored flatworm several times. A disco ball should drop and Edm'd should play. The achievement should also appear.
  • Streak of Luck - Coin flipped 4 heads in a row - Just as a four-leaf clover is 1-in-10,000, having your coin the same side in a row is a very small probability. In other words, today is your lucky day!
    • Buy the Money artifact in the Augmentations Console for Logit ConsoleLogit Console50 Logits. It is in the Middle Ages peninsula of the Civilization garden. You can find a table with a small coin on it. Tapping it flips it. If you get 4 heads in a row (1 in 16 or 6.25%) you get the achievement. You should most likely get it between 10-25 tries.
  • The Spookiest Achievement - Found all Dodos in the Halloween Event - You freed the dodo spirits, and made 66 new friends along the way. You're a master of the natural AND the supernatural.
    • Find all ghost dodo birds for the Halloween event. (55 for 2022 event and 66 for 2023 event)
  • Return to Reality - Completed Darwin's Quest - You travelled to an alternate dimension and successfully saved Charles Darwin! He gives you this medal to thank you for being a savior and also a friend.
  • Good Dog! - Pet the dog in the Ancient Civilization garden - Our best friend emerged thousands of years before all other domestic animals—sheep, cows, goats and our other favorite pet: cats.
    • Purchase "Dog Domestication" for Logit ConsoleLogit Console50 Logits from the Augmentations Console and the unlocked upgrades (including the Generator Caniform) in the main simulation to spawn the man and dog in the garden. Click on the dog to have the man pet him.
  • Here, Kitty Kitty - Pet the cat - When humans faced rodent infestations caused by an agricultural boom, cats found an opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship. Now the relationship has evolved to include another benefit: snuggles and pets.
    • Purchase "Cat Domestication" for Logit ConsoleLogit Console50 Logits from the Augmentations Console and the unlocked upgrades (including the generator Feliform) in the main simulation to spawn an Egyptian woman and cat in the garden. Click on the cat to have the woman pet him.
  • Greeks Unleashed! - Found the Hidden Soldier - Charging from the belly of the towering beast, Odysseus and his troops destroy Troy, ending a 10-year war. The Trojan horse myth spins a tale, but the Trojan defeat rings true: A site in Turkey holds evidence of a great city that burned in 1180 BCE.
    • Purchase "Trojan Horse" for DarwiniumDarwinium75 Darwinium from the Augmentations Console and the unlocked upgrades in the main simulation to spawn the Trojan horse. Click on the soldier on the left side of the Trojan Horse prompts the achievement.
  • Tomb Raiser - Found the Secret Sarcophagus - You've raised the dead from an Egyptian tomb! To thwart robbers, builders design hidden chambers, false floors, and tricky hallways. After burial, a machine drops a load of boulders to seal the doorway, and a pharaoh's curse instills fear of death to intruders.
    • Purchase "Pyramids" for Logit ConsoleLogit Console150 Logits from the Augmentations Console and the unlocked upgrades (including the Upgrade Mummification) to spawn the Pyramids and the area behind it. Clicking on the sarcophagus behind the pyramids, below a tent prompts the achievement.
  • Vanished Library - Ignited the Great Library - How did every trace of the Great Library disappear? It's a mystery: Ancient texts describe fires set by Roman invaders, obliterating books, but later mentions prove the library endured. And what about the massive stones and foundation—unburnable?
    • Purchase "Great Library" for Logit ConsoleLogit Console50 Logits from the Augmentations Console and the unlocked upgrade to spawn the Great Library. Clicking on it a few times burns the library and prompts the achievement.
  • Flesh Wound - Disarmed the suit of armor. - Holy Gravity! Heavy, expensive, hindering of every little move... At what point does a full-body suit of armor become obsolete? Toward the end of the Middle Ages, there's a muzzle-loaded hand-held weapon that changes everything.
    • Click the suit of armor next to the forge in the Ancient Civilization Garden until one of its arms fall off.

[NOTE: Any new achievements will be in spoilers for a month after the update, except for the Return to Reality achievement.]

Return to Reality (Statue Code)
The code is BEAGLE.

Support Unlock Achievements[]

Ach Supporter
  • Get three different achievements for watching advertisements (mobile) or by buying Darwinium, depending on amount of these actions.
  • The three different achievements are as follows:
    • Thank You - Thank you for your support! You're our new favorite player! We're Computer Lunch, the humans behind Cell to Singularity. When you watch ads or buy Darwinium, you help us create bigger and better gameplay experiences for everyone. We couldn't do it without you. - Computer Lunch team
    • Super Thanks - Hello - You're the best! Your curiosity (and impatience) fuels our creativity, and for that, we are grateful. We are a team of only ten people, trying to make the best evolution game in the universe. Sounds crazy? It is. But with your help, we can do it. Thank you again! - Computer Lunch team
    • Ultra Thanks - Wow, are you even human? Your super contribution goes off the charts! You are one of our ultra supporters. It's because of you that Cell to Singularity can keep evolving and expanding. We want to explore everything, from the tiniest atoms to the ever expanding cosmos (and the strange bits in between). We couldn't ask for a better teammate than you. Salutations, favorite human! - Computer Lunch team

Tabular Compilation[]

A tabular compilation of all Achievements you find here.