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One of the zodiac constellations, Aquarius (♒︎).

The constellation Aquarius is one of the twelve zodiacs in the night sky. It consists of 15 main stars and a total of 27 Bayer designated stars. The stars that form the, as in-game shown, water seller carrying a jug are α Aquarii (Sadalmelik), β Aquarii (Sadalsuud), γ Aquarii (Sadachbia), δ Aquarii (Skat), ε Aquarii (Albali), ζ Aquarii (Sadaltager), θ Aquarii (Ancha), ι Aquarii, λ Aquarii (Hydor), π Aquarii, τ2 Aquarii, φ Aquarii, ψ2 Aquarii, 88 Aquarii and 98 Aquarii.

When Aquarius is fully unlocked the Stardust production speed is increased by x2 for Oort Cloud Objects.

In-Game Description[]

"The constellation Aquarius represents a water seller carrying a jug. Three meteor showers originate here, including the Eta Aquariids, which are associated with Halley's Comet. Aquarius is large and encompasses 12 exoplanet systems."

Main Components[]

Star Star System Type Distance from Sun
Alpha Aquarii (Sadalmelik) Single Star System 520 ± 20 ly
Beta Aquarii (Sadalsuud) Single Star System 550 ± 20 ly
Gamma Aquarii (Sadachbia) Triple Star System 164 ± 9 ly
Delta Aquarii (Skat) Binary Star System 113 ± 3 ly
Epsilon Aquarii (Albali) Single Star System 208 ± 3 ly
Zeta Aquarii (Sadaltager) Triple Star System 92 ± 3 ly
Theta Aquarii (Ancha) Single Star System 187 ± 2 ly
Iota Aquarii Binary Star System 175 ± 2 ly
Lambda Aquarii (Hydor) Single Star System 365 ± 10 ly
Pi Aquarii Binary Star System 780 ± 50 ly
Tau2 Aquarii Single Star System 318 ± 9 ly
Phi Aquarii Binary Star System 222 ± 6 ly
Psi2 Aquarii Single Star System 400 ± 20 ly
88 Aquarii Single Star System 271 ± 5 ly
98 Aquarii Single Star System 163 ± 2 ly


  • Wish Upon a Star (Finish Aquarius):

"Constellations were an important part of the star maps used by early sailors and navigators. By identifying different shapes in the stars, they could figure out where they were and which way was home."


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