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Archie the Archosaur is a character who first appeared in the Mesozoic Valley expansion of Cell to Singularity. He is an orange archosaur (an ancestor of the dinosaurs) dressed in a tuxedo. Since his introduction as the MC of the Mesozoic Mania popularity contest in Spring 2020, he has become a general mascot for the Mesozoic Valley segment of the game.

You can find Archie in the Mesozoic Valley, near the podium.

Character History[]

Archie was born Archibald J. Archosaurus, in the mid-Triassic period. Coming from a family of illustrious hunters and carnivores, Archie eschewed the family business of eating smaller creatures to pursue a career in show business. He quickly rose to fame as the only reptilian diapsid to look good in a tuxedo. Pseudosuchia wanted him, while Avemetatarsalia wanted to be him.

A notorious wit, ladies' man, and connoisseur of fine Jurassic wines, Archie was well known for his class and charm. He was a three-time winner of Prehistoric People Magazine's "Hottest Reptile of the Year" Award. Archie enjoyed Pterosaur racing, gourmet cooking, racquetball, and basking.

Archie's dominance over the entertainment industry came to an abrupt halt with the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event, when he and all the other large archosaurs and dinosaurs promptly died after the Earth was hit by a meteor.

Mesozoic Mania[]

Archie was the master of ceremonies for the Mesozoic Mania contest. T-Rex was voted the winning dinosaur in the 24 match bracket competition.

Mesozoic Mania Winner is T-Rex

Mesozoic Mania brackets

The Reddit page with finals info: https://www.reddit.com/r/CellToSingularity/comments/hu2y47/mesozoic_mania_match_23_the_grand_finale_results/


Archie's fossilized remains form the basis of one of the game's secret achievements. They can be located in the Land Garden.

Archie's final resting place

Natural Selection Island[]

Archie's descendent, AJ the Archosaur, is the host of the Spring 2021 contest, Natural Selection Island. In this contest players vote on which mammal they want to be added to the game.

A promotional image for Natural Selection Island, featuring AJ the Archosaur as the host.

AJ appears identical to Archie, but wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt instead of a tuxedo. How he survived extinction is unknown, though some theorize that Natural Selection Island may be a prehistoric land like the Marvel Comic's Savage Land.