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Beyond is a bubble universe focusing mainly on astronomical objects. After several years of development and several postponements, it was released on November 2, 2021.


Like the Mesozoic Valley, The Beyond is another bubble universe. It is focused on astronomical exploration. Similar to Mesozoic Valley, it is not affected by restarts of the main simulation and has its own currency and achievements (except for Darwinium). Its currency is Stardust.

The first phase of this expansion features the Sol system (our solar system). The developers at Computer Lunch have confirmed that the expansion will be released in multiple phases. While the initial phase will include celestial bodies such as planets and asteroids, later phases may cover topics like the history of humanity's initial studies of astronomy and journeys into space and explorations of how humans may expand their reach into the solar system in the near future.

It is unknown how the expansion will tie into the overarching story of the game and how it is related to Semblance's goals.


While initially announced in 2018, research and early development on this expansion did not start in earnest until late 2019. The expansion's production was also adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the resulting shifts in workflow that were necessitated by changes such as Computer Lunch employees switching to a work-from-home model. The development and production of the Mammal Kingdom expansion, which took longer than anticipated, also contributed to the delay.

Computer Lunch's official roadmap, released at the end of 2020, places the release of the first phase of The Beyond in the first half of 2021, and indicates that the expansion will feature Astronomy, 3D Planets, and a new Solar System Garden. Later updates in the summer of 2021 indicated a possible release date in August or September.

In the first few months of 2021, Computer Lunch has also featured more information about the development of The Beyond in their monthly Twitch livestreams. A January post on the official Cell to Singularity subreddit gave players an update on the development team's progress and the possible content of the expansion, including some behind-the-scenes photos and screenshots of the in-production expansion.

Test Mode[]

The Beyond was released into the first rounds of closed beta testing. It will be released October 23, 2021. The initial private test was limited to a small number of players. In July, the Beyond entered open beta testing, with players able to opt in or to apply to join. The Beyond beta is available on Steam, Android, and iOS Testflight.

On November 2nd, 2021, The Beyond has released. On that day, a global event happened where players had to accelerate a solar system-like star 500,000,000 times.

The event was completed on November 3rd, 2021, enabling all players, except Kindle Fire users, to access The Beyond.


Rank unlocked Name Type First cost Base production Base charge time
0 Sun Star 10 2 5 s
0 Mercury Terrestrial Planet 60 64 40 s
0 Venus Terrestrial Planet 600 659 103 s
0 Earth Terrestrial Planet 6,000 5,380 168 s
1 Moon Moon 2.40M 15,000 13 s
0 Mars Terrestrial Planet 80,000 30,300 316 s
2 Asteroid Belt Asteroid 144.00 M 67.50 M 584 s
3 Ceres Asteroid 2.16 B 1.07 B 775 s
3 Vesta Asteroid 86.40 B 11.8 B 600 s
4 Jupiter Gaseous Planet 259.00 B 964.00 B 1988 s
5 Io Moon 2.07 T 8.71 B 9 s
5 Europa Moon 20.70 T 66.80 B 23 s
5 Ganymede Moon 249.00 T 464.00 B 32 s
5 Callisto Moon 3.73 Qa 4.53 T 78 s
6 Saturn Gaseous Planet 29.90 Qa 6.89 Qa 4950 s
6 Titan Moon 358.00 Qa 516.00 T 74 s
6 Enceladus Moon 5.37 Qi 209.00 T 5 s
7 Uranus Ice Planet 161.00 Qi 5.31 Qi 1410 s
8 Neptune Ice Planet 6.45 Sx 625.00 Qi 2770 s
8 Triton Moon 51.60 Sx 2.53 Qi 2.8s
9 Pluto Dwarf Planet 4.13 Sp 451.00 Sx 4160 s
10 Shoemaker Levy 9 Comet 41.30 Sp 29.50 Sx 34 s
10 Halley's Comet Comet 826.00 Sp 21.00 Sp 808 s
10 Hale-Bopp Comet 41.296 Oc 5.32 Oc 2556 s
11 Kuiper Belt Asteroid 2.06 No 1.17 Oc 14 s
11 Haumea Dwarf Planet 248.00 No 20.30 No 3036 s
11 Makemake Dwarf Planet 37.20 Dc 2.63 Dc 3288 s
11 Eris Dwarf Planet 7.43 Udc 864.00 Dc 6000 s
12 Heliosphere Star 594.00 Udc 13.30 Udc 1420 s
13 Sedna Oort Cloud Object 26.70 Ddc 877.00 Udc 2340 s
14 Planet X Oort Cloud Object 1.07 Tdc 37.60 Ddc 2870 s
15 Hills Cloud Oort Cloud Object 64.19 Tdc 30.10 Ddc 92 s
15 Oort Cloud Oort Cloud Object 3.21 qdc 21.90 Tdc 1908 s
17 Alpha Centauri Star 6.42 Qdc 114.00 qdc 9984 s




  • Solar Winds — Star Payout ×2
  • Ecliptic — Stardust Tap +40 %
  • Solid Surface — Terrestrial Planet Payout ×2
  • Asteroids — Asteroid Payout ×2
  • Comets — Comet Payout ×2
  • Failed Stars — Gaseous Planet Payout ×2
  • Ice Giants — Ice Planet Payout ×2
  • Hydrostatic Equilibrium — Dwarf Planet Payout ×2
  • Natural Satellites — Moon Payout ×2
  • Spherical Shell — Oort Cloud Object Payout x2


  • Goldilocks Zone — ×2 discount on all celestial bodies
  • Cosmic Gravity — ×2 payout on all celestial bodies
  • Speed of Light — ×2 speed on all celestial bodies

Celestial bodies[]


  • Solar Flares — Automate and speed up Sun
  • Nuclear Fusion — Increase Sun payout


  • Temperature Fluctuations — Increase Mercury payout
  • Large Iron Core — Automate and speed up Mercury


  • Clockwise Rotation — Automate and speed up Venus
  • Sulfuric Clouds — Increase Venus payout


  • Ocean Blue — Automate and speed up Earth
  • Oxygenated Atmosphere — Increase Earth payout
  • Dark Side — Increase Moon payout
  • Sea of Tranquility — Automate and speed up Moon


  • Seismic Activity — Increase Mars payout
  • Rusty Red — Automate and speed up Mars

Reduce Mars cost up by to x10 at Rank 9.

Name Duration(hh: mm: ss) Reward
Phobos I 00:05:00 Mars discount x2
Phobos II 00:15:00 Mars discount x3
Phobos III 00:50:00 Mars discount x4
Phobos IV 02:10:00 Mars discount x5
Phobos V 04:40:00 Mars discount x6
Phobos VI 08:50:00 Mars discount x7
Phobos VII 15:20:00 Mars discount x8
Phobos VIII 24:10:00 Mars discount x9
Phobos IX 36:30:00 Mars discount x10

Asteroid Belt[]

  • Silicate Type — Increase Asteroid Belt payout
  • Carbon Type — Automate and speed up Asteroid Belt
  • Spheroid — Automate and speed up Ceres
  • Cryovolcanoes — Increase Ceres payout
  • Rocky Protoplanet — Automate and speed up Vesta
  • Fragmentation — Increase Vesta payout


  • Great Red Spot — Automate and speed up Jupiter
  • Gravitational Powerhouse — Increase Jupiter payout
  • Sulfuric Plains — Automate and speed up Io
  • Volcanic Mountains — Increase Io payout
  • Subsurface Ocean — Automate and speed up Europa
  • Lineae — Increase Europa payout
  • Magnetic Field — Automate and speed up Ganymede
  • Polar Caps — Increase Ganymede payout
  • Heavy Cratering — Automate and speed up Callisto
  • Low Radiation — Increase Callisto payout


  • Ring Formation — Automate and speed up Saturn
  • Ammonia Crystals — Increase Saturn payout

Reduce Saturn cost by up to x10 at Rank 9.

Name Duration(hh: mm: ss) Reward
Mimas I 00:05:00 Saturn discount x2
Mimas II 00:15:00 Saturn discount x3
Mimas III 00:50:00 Saturn discount x4
Mimas IV 02:10:00 Saturn discount x5
Mimas V 04:40:00 Saturn discount x6
Mimas VI 08:50:00 Saturn discount x7
Mimas VII 15:20:00 Saturn discount x8
Mimas VIII 24:10:00 Saturn discount x9
Mimas IX 36:30:00 Saturn discount x10
  • Dense Lunar Atmosphere — Automate and speed up Titan
  • Surface Liquid — Increase Titan payout
  • High Albedo — Automate and speed up Enceladus
  • E Ring — Increase Enceladus payout


  • Sideways Revolution — Increase Uranus payout
  • Cold Atmosphere — Automate and speed up Uranus

Reduce Uranus cost by up to x10 at Rank 9.

Name Duration(hh: mm: ss) Reward
Oberon I 00:05:00 Uranus discount x2
Oberon II 00:15:00 Uranus discount x3
Oberon III 00:50:00 Uranus discount x4
Oberon IV 02:10:00 Uranus discount x5
Oberon V 04:40:00 Uranus discount x6
Oberon VI 08:50:00 Uranus discount x7
Oberon VII 15:20:00 Uranus discount x8
Oberon VIII 24:10:00 Uranus discount x9
Oberon IX 36:30:00 Uranus discount x10


  • High Winds — Automate and speed up Neptune
  • Methane Blue — Increase Neptune payout

Reduce Neptune cost by up to x10 at Rank 9.

Name Duration(hh: mm: ss) Reward
Proteus I 00:05:00 Neptune discount x2
Proteus II 00:15:00 Neptune discount x3
Proteus III 00:50:00 Neptune discount x4
Proteus IV 02:10:00 Neptune discount x5
Proteus V 04:40:00 Neptune discount x6
Proteus VI 08:50:00 Neptune discount x7
Proteus VII 15:20:00 Neptune discount x8
Proteus VIII 24:10:00 Neptune discount x9
Proteus IX 36:30:00 Neptune discount x10
  • Retrograde Moon — Automate and speed up Triton
  • Circular Revolution — Increase Triton payout


  • Former Planet — Automate and speed up Pluto
  • Chaotic Orbit — Increase Pluto payout

Reduce Pluto cost by up to x10 at Rank 9.

Name Duration(hh: mm: ss) Reward
Charon I 00:05:00 Pluto discount x2
Charon II 00:15:00 Pluto discount x3
Charon III 00:50:00 Pluto discount x4
Charon IV 02:10:00 Pluto discount x5
Charon V 04:40:00 Pluto discount x6
Charon VI 08:50:00 Pluto discount x7
Charon VII 15:20:00 Pluto discount x8
Charon VIII 24:10:00 Pluto discount x9
Charon IX 36:30:00 Pluto discount x10

Shoemaker Levy 9[]

  • Jupiter Collision — Automate and speed up Shoemaker Levy 9
  • Scarred Red Spot — Increase Shoemaker Levy 9 payout

Halley's Comet[]

  • Retrograde Orbit — Automate and speed up Halley's Comet
  • Short Orbit — Increase Halley's Comet payout


  • Bright Perihelion — Automate and speed up Hale-Bopp
  • Third Tail — Increase Hale-Bopp payout

Kuiper Belt[]

  • Neptunian Disruption — Automate and speed up Kuiper Belt
  • Kuiper Cliff — Increase Kuiper Belt payout
  • Irregular Shape — Automate and speed up Haumea
  • Giant Collision — Increase Haumea payout
  • Hidden Planet — Automate and speed up Makemake
  • Red Tholins — Increase Makemake payout
  • Massive Dwarf — Automate and speed up Eris
  • Orbital Inclination — Increase Eris payout


  • Termination Shock — Automate and speed up Heliosphere
  • Heliopause — Increase Heliosphere payout

Reduce Heliosphere cost by up to x10 at Rank 9.

Name Duration(hh: mm: ss) Reward
Heliosheath I 00:05:00 Heliosphere discount x2
Heliosheath II 00:15:00 Heliosphere discount x3
Heliosheath III 00:50:00 Heliosphere discount x4
Heliosheath IV 02:10:00 Heliosphere discount x5
Heliosheath V 04:40:00 Heliosphere discount x6
Heliosheath VI 08:50:00 Heliosphere discount x7
Heliosheath VII 15:20:00 Heliosphere discount x8
Heliosheath VIII 24:10:00 Heliosphere discount x9
Heliosheath IX 36:30:00 Heliosphere discount x10


  • Detached Orbit — Automate and speed up Sedna
  • Sednoid — Increase Sedna payout

Planet X[]

  • High Mass — Automate and speed up Planet X
  • Mystery Planet — Increase Planet X payout

Hills Cloud[]

  • Galactic Tide — Automate and speed up Hills Cloud
  • Long Period Comets — Increase Hills Cloud payout

Oort Cloud[]

  • Cosmographic Boundary — Automate and speed up Oort Cloud
  • Comet Storm — Increase Oort Cloud payout
Interstellar Medium[]

Reduce Oort Cloud cost by up to x10 at Rank 9.

Name Duration(hh: mm: ss) Reward
Interstellar Medium I 00:05:00 Oort Cloud discount x2
Interstellar Medium II 00:15:00 Oort Cloud discount x3
Interstellar Medium III 00:50:00 Oort Cloud discount x4
Interstellar Medium IV 02:10:00 Oort Cloud discount x5
Interstellar Medium V 04:40:00 Oort Cloud discount x6
Interstellar Medium VI 08:50:00 Oort Cloud discount x7
Interstellar Medium VII 15:20:00 Oort Cloud discount x8
Interstellar Medium VIII 24:10:00 Oort Cloud discount x9
Interstellar Medium IX 36:30:00 Oort Cloud discount x10

Alpha Centauri[]

  • Binary System — Automate and speed up Alpha Centauri
  • Solar Analog — Increase Alpha Centauri payout


Constellations are a powerup mechanic that provides small buffs to generators and tap.

Name No. of Stars Power
Gemini 17 Increase astronomy mission speed by ×1

(Effects do not work offline)

Taurus 12 Increase Gaseous planet speed by ×2
Aries 4 Increase star speed by ×2
Pisces 15 Increase click power by ×3
Aquarius 15 Increase Oort Cloud Object by ×2
Capricorn 10 Increase asteroid speed by ×2
Sagittarius 14 Increase dwarf planet speed by ×2
Scorpius 17 Increase celestial body speed by ×1.5
Libra 6 Increase natural satellite speed by ×2
Virgo 14 Increase Comet speed by ×2
Leo 13 Increase ice planet speed by ×2
Cancer 6 Increase terrestrial planet speed by ×2

Astronomy Mission[]

Astronomy missions are a game mechanic that provides dark matter and dwarf stars through the research.

Name Unlock Simulation Rank Duration(hh:mm:ss) Reward
Dark Matter I 2 00:15:00 25 Dark Matter
Dark Matter II 3 01:00:00 50 Dark Matter
Dark Matter III 4 03:00:00 100 Dark Matter
Dark Matter IV 5 12:00:00 200 Dark Matter
Dark Matter V 7 24:00:00 300 Dark Matter
Dark Matter VI 9 72:00:00 500 Dark Matter
Dwarf Star I 2 18:00:00 1 Dwarf Star
Dwarf Star II 8 15:00:00 1 Dwarf Star
Dwarf Star III 14 12:00:00 1 Dwarf Star


Currently, there is only one technology that can be seen in the garden so far that is orbiting the sun. It is called the James Webb Space Telescope and cannot be bought or upgraded. It also cannot be seen in the Beyond tree. It is located in Lagrange Point 2, where it is heading. Before the launch, because of its hard work, the developers decided to add them in. NASA, ESA, and CSA built the telescope itself in real life. On their recent livestream, the developers announced that there would be an event or a minigame albeit they didn't tell us what it would be. A token/medallion will be awarded to the player once they participate in the event. It is presently continuing its journey to its destination, where we won't receive photos for months until its instruments cool down. Once it is in the L2 point, we will receive the first images of this telescope. On the info screen, it is available for 10 stardust though not in the tree.


  • This feature is not available in other devices such as Kindle Fire.