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Boosters are power-ups in the game Cell to Singularity: Evolution Never Ends. Boosters help to speed up player progress in the game.

If you're not on mobile you can't have free boosters.

Free Boosters[]

There are a few free boosters. Most of them require you to watch an ad or spend Darwinium cubes to claim the boosts (for android or iOS).


There are also a few boosters which require Darwinium.

Boost Description Cost
Time Flux Allows you to time warp 4 hours in the future if you are in Primary Simulation or in Mesozoic Valley. If you are in an Event it will allow you to time warp 1 hour in the future. The total earnings are affected by the current speed; therefore, it works incredibly well with fully-maxed Nanobots, potentially shortening weeks or even months' worth of grind in the Mesozoic Valley to just a few seconds. (Only works in Mesozoic Valley) 10 DarwiniumDarwinium
Entropy Burst
Idea Burst
Gives a burst of entropy or idea. 8 DarwiniumDarwinium


  • Originally, the shooting star boost would work for 20 seconds, however, in an update, this was reduced to 15 seconds.