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One of the zodiac constellations, Cancer (♋︎).

The constellation Cancer is one of the twelve zodiacs in the night sky. It consists of six main stars and a total of 35 Bayer designated stars. The stars that form the, as in-game shown, crab are α Cancri (Acubens), β Cancri (Tarf), γ Cancri (Asellus Borealis), δ Cancri (Asellus Australis), ι Cancri and 27 Cancri.

When Cancer is fully unlocked the Stardust production speed is increased by x2 for Terrestial Planets.

In-Game Description[]

"Cancer, the crab, is the dimmest constellation in the zodiac. The Tropic of Cancer, the northernmost circle of latitude on Earth where the Sun passes directly overhead, is named after it."

Main Components[]

Star Star System Type Distance from Sun
Alpha Cancri (Acubens) Binary/Triple Star System 178 ± 3 ly
Beta Cancri (Tarf) Binary Star System 290 ± 30 ly
Gamma Cancri (Asellus Borealis) Single Star System 181 ± 2 ly
Delta Cancri (Asellus Australis) Triple Star System 131 ± 1 ly
Iota Cancri Binary Star System 330 ± 20 ly (A-Component)
approx. 280 ly (B-Component)
27 Cancri Single Star System 990 ± 90 ly


  • Hail Hydra (Finish Cancer):

"The largest constellation, Hydra, takes up 3.16 percent of the night sky! It gets its name from an ancient Greek serpent monster that had many heads."


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