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Caniforms are the fourth generator in the mammal tree and the twenty-sixth generator in all.



"Dog-like" carnivores, the caniform family includes dogs, bears, seals, and more. They are opportunistic feeders and are more frequently omnivores than feliforms, which are usually pure carnivores.


The caniform shown in the tree looks like a grey wolf.


Upgrades Effect Cost Requirements
Wolf 55% more efficient 8.32 Sp Entropy Caniform
Bone-Crushing Teeth 66% more efficient 53.20 Sp Entropy Wolf
Seasonal Heterothermy 77% more efficient 16.60 Sp Entropy Caniform
Grizzly Bear 88% more efficient 422.00 Sp Entropy Seasonal Heterothermy
Bushy Tail 99% more efficient 9.77 Oc Entropy Caniform
Fox 111% more efficient 72.90 Oc Entropy Bushy Tail
Black Epidermis 122% more efficient 7.88 Oc Entropy Grizzly Bear
Polar Bear 155% more efficient 844.00 Oc Entropy Adipose Tissue
Loose Skin 166% more efficient 45.80 No Entropy Caniform
Honey Badger 188% more efficient 233.00 No Entropy Loose Skin
Sesamoid Thumb 199% more efficient 6.89 Dc Entropy Grizzly Bear
Panda 211% more efficient 42.40 Dc Entropy Sesamoid Thumb
Lung Capacity 222% more efficient 7.40 Udc Entropy Caniform
Pinniped 233% more efficient 12.00 Udc Entropy Lung Capacity
Earless 244% more efficient 45.00 Udc Entropy Pinniped
Seal 355% more efficient 95.00 Udc Entropy Earless
Blubber 366% more efficient 340.00 Udc Entropy Pinniped
Walrus 466% more efficient 1.60 Ddc Entropy Blubber
Play 566% more efficient 6.40 Ddc Entropy Lung Capacity
Otter 577% more efficient 32.00 Ddc Entropy Play
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