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Cetaceans are the first mammal generator, and the twenty-eighth generator overall. They were officially added in Steam patch 7.86.

With a modest unlocking cost and several very potent upgrades, Cetaceans are useful in gathering enough Metabits to unlock Feliforms, if the player has not yet developed the Mesozoic Valley far enough to unlock Neoaves.



Cetaceans are aquatic mammals that are descended from the same ancestors as ungulates. While some ungulates moved further inland, the cetaceans inhabited the shoreline and later moved into a fully aquatic niche.


A pink river dolphin

Cetaceans take the appearance of a whale, either a blue whale or a humpback whale.


All upgrades only require one generator to purchase, in addition to the requirements below.

Upgrades Effect Cost Requirements
Underwater Communication 100% more efficient 420.00 No Entropy Cetaceans
Baleen 200% more efficient 1.00 Udc Entropy Cetaceans
Tooth Tusk 200% more efficient 20.00 Udc Entropy Cetaceans
Dolphin Intelligence 400% more efficient 8.00 Udc Entropy Cetaceans
Whale 1000% more efficient 18.00 Udc Entropy Baleen
Dolphin 1000% more efficient 42.00 Udc Entropy Dolphin Intelligence
Narwhal 1500% more efficient 70.00 Udc Entropy Tooth Tusk
Matrilineal 400% more efficient 90.00 Udc Entropy Dolphin
Orca 1500% more efficient 100.00 Udc Entropy Matrilineal

Dolphins are a 3D trophy, and have a generation sequence, similar to generators.

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