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Redemption Codes award the player with a set number of Darwinium cubes. Codes must be typed in ALL CAPS. New codes are revealed during the monthly developer livestreams.

  • EXPLORE — 25 Darwinium
  • SATELLITE — 20 Darwinium
  • BEYOND2021 — 50 Darwinium
  • UNITY — 20 Darwinium
  • DARWIN — 25 Darwinium
  • CORDYCEPS — 25 Darwinium
  • FUNGI2022 — 20 Darwinium
  • QUESTION — 20 Darwinium

Codes are available on Android and in Steam. Codes are not available on iOS due to Apple restrictions. To use codes on iOS, save the game to the cloud, transfer to Steam, redeem the codes, and transfer back.