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The Compsognathus is the 11th Dinosaur obtained in the Mesozoic Valley Bubble Universe, which can generate Fossil.

In-Game Description[]

"A small, bipedal carnivore, Compsognathus could grow to around the size of a turkey and preyed on small, fast lizards."



  • Small Bodies (Speed):

"Dinosaurs that were small and fast were able to flee predators rather than fight them. Some become predators in their own right, feeding on smaller species including early mammals."

  • Sharp Eyesight (Payout):

"Compsognathus posessed sharp and accurate eyesight, which enabled them to hunt the small, swift lizards that comprised most of thier diet."


  • Bipedal (Speed):

"A creature that walks on two legs, with an upright posture, is called a biped. Some dinosaurs were bipedal, including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, and Hadrosaur. A bipedal gait gave these dinosaurs increased speed and flexibility."

  • Carnivore (Payout):

"Animals that feed entirely on meat, or the flesh of other animals, are called carnivores. About half of dinosaurs were carnivores. With teeth specially designed for ripping and tearing, some carnivours were hunters, while others were scavengers."

  • Jurassic Age (Discount):

"The Jurassic (201.3 MYA—145 MYA) was the second period of the Mesozoic Era. During this period, dinosaurs became the dominant species on Earth as the supercontinent Gondawana began to split, replacing the deserts of the Triassic with lush rainforests."


  • Hollow Bones (Speed):

"The development of hollow or semi-hollow bones gave some dinosaurs a lighter but stronger skeleton system. This development would later enable them to evolve the ability to fly."

  • Herd Behavior (Payout):

"Some dinosaurs concregated in social groups, living in loose family units for defense against predators."

  • Feathers (Discount):

"It is still unknown to what extent therapodian dinosaurs were feathered, but evidence exists that shows that at least some of them presented with varying degrees of feathery skin coverings."

  • Warm Climate (Payout):

"During the Mesozoic Era, the Earth's temperature was very warm, which led to a great amount of geological and biological transitions. This climate set the stage for the major changes of the era."


  • Mystery Meal (75 Compsognathus):

"Compsognathus used their sharp eyesight and quickness to prey on fast lizards, which they caught and swallowed whole. The skeletons of these lizards have been found in the stomachs of fossilized Comsognathus."

  • A Rare Pair (200 Compsognathus):

"Only two fossil specimens of Compsognathus have ever been found. One of the specimens was discovered near an Archeopteryx fossil, and their similar structures helped to convince scientists that birds were descendents of dinosaurs."