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A Constellation is a powerup mechanic in the Beyond bubble universe. Currently, there are 12 constellations, the zodiacs, which give unique bonuses.

Name No. of Fragments Required Reward
Gemini 17 Increase Research Boost speed modifier by +1
Taurus 12 Increase Gaseous Planet speed by x2
Aries 4 Increase Star speed by x2
Pisces 15 Increase Click Power by x3
Aquarius 15 Increase Oort Cloud Object speed by x2
Capricornus 10 Increase Asteroid speed by x2
Sagittarius 14 Increase Dwarf Planet speed by x2
Scorpius 17 Increase Celestial Body speed by x1.5
Libra 6 Increase Moon speed by x2
Virgo 14 Increase Comet speed by x2
Leo 13 Increase Ice Planet speed by x2
Cancer 6 Increase Terrestrial Planet speed by x2


  • The developers have confirmed that more constellations are coming to the game in the near future.