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Lavender gems is a premium currency that is available in both PC and mobile versions of Cell to Singularity. Darwinium can be purchased and used in place of watching an advertisement to use a Booster; to gain additional Entropy and Ideas; or for buying Geodes in the Mesozoic Valley; or for buying Stars in the Beyond.

"Darwinium the most most valuable resource in the universe!" —Semblance


Main Page: Boosters

  • Quantum Charge: 1 Darwinium or an ad
  • Boost Accelerator: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Shooting Star: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Double (or quadruple) offline earnings: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Stone Geode: Free sometimes in the shop, but available for 2 Darwinium
  • Gold Geode: 20 Darwinium
  • Diamond Geode: 100 Darwinium
  • Time Flux: (2 hour of Entropy and Ideas) 3 Darwinium
  • Entropy Burst: 4 Darwinium
  • Idea Burst: 4 Darwinium (for the initial ideas, you can just tap the brain)
  • Random Trait: 2 Darwinium
  • Dwarf Star: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Mid-Size Star: 20 Darwinium
  • Supergiant Star: 100 Darwinium

Players who are not buying Darwinium should consider saving Darwinium for Diamond Geodes, since they have enduring hard-to-replicate effects and cannot be purchased with ads.


  • Prior v2.64, Darwinium was colored magenta. Now, it has a lavender hue.
  • Darwinium is named after Professor Charles Darwin, the man who founded the theory of evolution.