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Darwinium is a premium currency that is available in both PC and mobile versions of Cell to Singularity. Darwinium can be purchased and used in place of watching an advertisement to use a Booster; to gain additional Entropy and Ideas; for buying Geodes in the Mesozoic Valley; for buying Stars in the Beyond; or for buying upgrades in the Augmentations Console, listed below.

"Darwinium the most most valuable resource in the universe!" —Semblance


Main Page: Boosters

  • Quantum Charge: 1 Darwinium or an ad
  • Boost Accelerator: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Shooting Star: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Double (or quadruple) offline earnings: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Stone Geode: Free sometimes in the shop, but available for 2 Darwinium
  • Gold Geode: 20 Darwinium
  • Diamond Geode: 100 Darwinium
  • Time Flux: (A few hours of Entropy and Ideas or Fossils, depends on your Singularity upgrades.) 10 Darwinium
  • Entropy Burst: 8 Darwinium
  • Idea Burst: 8 Darwinium (for the initial ideas, you can just tap the brain)
  • Random Trait: 2 Darwinium
  • Red Dwarf: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Yellow Dwarf: 20 Darwinium
  • Blue Star: 100 Darwinium
  • White Dwarf: 2 Darwinium or an ad
  • Neutron Star: 20 Darwinium
  • Black Hole: 100 Darwinium
  • Lascaux Cave: 70 Darwinium
  • Sphinx: 80 Darwinium
  • Trojan Horse: 75 Darwinium
  • Colossus of Rhodes: 75 Darwinium
  • Silk Road: 85 Darwinium
  • Voyager 1: 80 Darwinium

Players who are not buying Darwinium should consider saving Darwinium for Diamond Geodes, since they have enduring hard-to-replicate effects and cannot be purchased with ads.


  • Prior v2.64, Darwinium was colored magenta. Now, it has a lavender hue.
  • Darwinium is named after Professor Charles Darwin, the man who founded the theory of evolution.
Premium Cube Darwinium (for Boosts, Double Earnings, Recharge of Nanobots, Data Geodes, Traits, Mutagen, Galactic Nursery and Dark Matter)
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Mesozoic Valley Fossil Fossil (for Dinosaurs, Trophy) • Mutagen Mutagen (for Traits, Rare, Epic)
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