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Frequently Asked Questions[]

We here at Computer Lunch, the developers of Cell to Singularity, get a lot of questions about the game. In an effort to help clarify some of these frequently asked questions, we're creating this post to hopefully help players get the answers that they're looking for.

  • Why did my game reset when I activated the Singularity? I'm panicking!
Don't panic! The Singularity is a prestige event that reboots your simulation and converts your Ideas and Entropy into MetaBits, which can be used to upgrade the simulation! These upgrades make the game run faster, and unlock new areas of the game that are only available after the reboot.

This actually helps you make more progress in the game at a faster pace. You need to prestige at least once to keep playing the game - and doing it multiple times will help to create an even more powerful simulation, and unlock even more content. You can check out all of the upgrades for the Reality Engine on that page.
  • How do I access the Mesozoic Valley? I'm lost!
Our dinosaur expansion, the Mesozoic Valley, will become available once you evolve the first Tetrapod. An icon depicting a rock will appear to the right side of the Tetrapod node on the main evolutionary tree - tap on this rock repeatedly to start chipping away at it.

Once you've tapped enough the rock will break open, unlocking the Mesozoic Valley! Then just tap on the new icon to start playing this expansion.
  • How do I get the sharks? I'm gonna need a bigger boat!
The sharks are not a normal upgrade like the other animals in the game, so you can't buy them from the purchasing menu or the tree. Instead, they're the trophy that you get for completing a cycle of the Daily Reward calendar. If you play the game and claim your reward for 14 days, on the last day, you'll get a shark, and then the cycle starts over. There are 6 sharks in all to collect!
  • My game is crashing on startup/won't run/isn't installing. I'm inconsolable!
If your game is crashing when you try to play or you can't get it to load, go into your phone settings and try deleting the game and its cached data, and then attempting to reinstall and restore your save from the Google Play cloud.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, email us at lunch@computerlunch.com.
  • I lost my save file/overwrote my backup/lost my progress! I need help!
For all issues regarding saving issues, please email us at lunch@computerlunch.com, and we'll do our best to assist you in either restoring your old save, or manually reproducing your progress.
  • How do I contact the developers? I crave human contact!
Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, complaints, bad puns, or general feedback can be sent to us at lunch@computerlunch.com. This is the best and most reliable way to ensure that a member of our team will see your message and get back to you.