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Feliform is the 7th and final mammal generator. Currently, it is the most expensive Entropy generator, and produces the most Entropy. By unlocking Feliform, the achievement King of the Jungle can be unlocked, and its Terminus Chamber glass as well.



The feliformia are the "cat-like" group of carnivores. They have shorter snouts than the caniforms and fewer teeth. They are generally ambush hunters, with retractible claws, and live on almost all continents.


In-game, the representative animal for the feliforms is a male lion. This also includes lionesses, one of which is beside the lion, and the other two being located on a nearby cliff.


All upgrades only require one generator to purchase, in addition to the requirements below.

Name Effect Cost Requirements
Snow Paws 198% more efficient 564.00 Ddc Feliform
Screaming 297% more efficient 2.43 Tdc Snow Paws
Pelt Pattern 396% more efficient 4.37 Tdc Feliform
Puma 495% more efficient 6.22 Tdc Screaming
Snow Leopard 594% more efficient 7.07 Tdc Snow Paws
Tiger 693% more efficient 23.80 Tdc Pelt Pattern
Mane 792% more efficient 87.80 Tdc Pelt Pattern
Lion 891% more efficient 515.00 Tdc Mane
Puuur-fect Companion 120% more efficient 42.00 qdc
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