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Flatworms are the third ocean generator and the seventh generator overall. Flatworms are any simple bilateral (sometimes parasitic, depending on the species) invertebrates belonging in the phylum Platyhelminthes.



The proto-vertebrate. The first organism with Bilateral symmetry, which forms the beginnings of the brain and internal organs.


The flatworm resembles a yellow colored Polycladida flatworm.


Upgrade Efect Cost Requirements
Bilateral Symmetry 10% more efficient 150,000 Entropy Flatworm and Radial Symmetry
Vertebrate 30% more efficient 200,000 Entropy Flatworm
Heart 50% more efficient 550,000 Entropy Bilateral Symmetry
Nerve Cord 100% more efficient 1.20 Million entropy Nervous System
Pigment Spot 100% more efficient 1.75 Million entropy

Bilateral Symmetry
Predation 50% more efficient 7.13 billion entropy 50 Flatworm
Three Layer Skin 100% more efficient 7.73 trillion entropy 100 Flatworm and Bilateral Symmetry


  • Even though flatworms appear before fish and tetrapods do in the game, in real life, the first flatworms likely appeared during the Permian, about 270 million years ago, whereas fish evolved 525 million years ago, in the Cambrian and tetrapods evolved from fish 390 million years ago, during the Late Devonian.
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