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Galliformes is the 1st bird generator, and 5th Rise of Reptiles generator, unlocked in the game. It requires Mesozoic Valley Rank 23.


A group of toothless, ground-dwelling birds. Along with Anseriformes, Galliformes are one of only two types of modern birds to date back to (and have survived) the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event.

Galliformes takes on the appearance of a chicken.


All upgrades only require 1 Galliformes to unlock. In order, upgrades are unlocked one by one as follows:

Note: Wattle and Digging are unlocked at the same time

Upgrade Cost Effect Branches off
Wattle 31.40 Sx 100% more efficient Galliformes
Digging 628.00 Sx 150% more efficient Galliformes
Chickens 133.00 Sp 300% more efficient Wattle, Digging
Turkey 26.90 Oc 400% more efficient Wattle
Quail 4.30 No 500% more efficient Digging
Plumage 86.00 Oc 250% more efficient Galliformes
Peacock 172.00 Oc 600% more efficient Plumage
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