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Generators are major nodes that generate currency.

There are many different generator variants, each one separated into different trees. Generators produce currency (such as Entropy, Ideas, Fossils or Stardust).

Cost and Production[]

Generators cost a certain amount of Entropy or Idea points. Each Generator costs 15% more than the previous one of the same kind. This roughly quadruples the cost every 10 levels. The more powerful and efficient the Generators are, the more those Generators will cost.

The cost of purchasing N generators can be determine by the formula:

where C = cost, N = number of generators, and P = current price of generator.

Below is a list of Generators, their starting costs, and their production per second before any boosts are applied:


Generator Cost (Entropy) Min Production Max Production Max Efficiency
Amino Acid 15.00 0.05 0.425 x48
DNA 100 0.25 1.375 x24
Prokaryotic Cell 600 2 7.5 x8.44
Eukaryotic Cell 3,000 5 20 x9
Sponge 10,000 20 90 x12
Jellyfish 40,000 50 275 x27
Flatworm 200,000 200 1060 x25.74
Fish 1.95 M 3,333 x168
Tetrapod 15.90 M 54,383 x48.75
Mammal 358.00 M 550,000 x225
Turtle 2.70 B 3.70 M x14617
Ape 11.20 B 7.50 M x9.1
Glires 91.00 B 54.50 M x13.26
Human 8.87 T 215 M x18.75
Ungulates 44.20 T 7.09 B x114.82 million
Crocodilia 8.05 T 36.4 B x1608.75
Cyborg 4.42 Qa 5.52 T x1.75
Marsupials 9.50 Qa 6.72 T x28.35
Lizard 83.20 Qa 269 T x14330
Superhuman 13.21 Qi 1.65 Qa x1.5
Snake 6.66 Qi 6.66 Qa x157993
Galliformes 6.67 Sx 39.05 Qa x14700
Humanoid Colonist 1.32 Sx 124.09 Qa x1.5
Anseriformes 52.00 Sp 312.00 Qa x48203
Caniform 7.89 Sx 1.16 Sx x2.89 billion
Cetaceans 7.20 Sp x13.94 million
Palaeognathae 25.40 Oc 560.00 Qa x4400
Neoaves 8.35 No 40.28 Qi x28.08 million
Monotremes 400.00 Sp 560.69 Sp x3640
Feliform 476 Oc N/A x57136


Generator Cost (Ideas) Min Production
Stone Age 46.00 0.1
Neolithic 460 0.25
Bronze Age 1,380 2
Iron Age 6,900 5
Middle Ages 23,000 40
Age of Discovery 138,000 100
Scientific Revolution 575,000 1,437
Industrial Revolution 3.83 M 5,271
Atomic Age 283.95 M 408,179
Information Age 9.20 B 15.81 M
Emergent Age 172.5 B 215.62 M
Singularity 9.82 T 3.07 B
Android 101.62 Qa 85.05 B
Sentient Android 1.32 Qi 850.52
Rover 12.27 T 96.31 M
Human Expedition 984.00 Qa 5.18 T
Martian Settlement 10.56 Sx
Martian Factory 4.76 Sp
Martian City 4.40 Oc 129.55 Sx

Mesozoic Valley[]

Generator Cost (Fossils) Min Production
Archosaur 3.74
Ornithischia 60
Stegosaurus 720
Ankylosaurus 8640
Triceratops 103680
Pterosaur 1.24 M
Plesiosaur 14.93 M
Saurischia 179.16 M
Sauropoda 2.15 B
Theropoda 25.8 B
Compsognathus 309.58 B
Velociraptor 3.72 T
Pachycephalosaurus 44.58 T
Gallimimus 534.97 T
Archaeopteryx 6.42 Qa
Brachiosaurus 77.04 Qa
Tyrannosaurus Rex 924.42 Qa
Spinosaurus 11.09 Qi
Iguanodon 133.12 Qi
Ichthyosaur 1.6 Sx
Cynodont 19.17 Sx
Eoraptor 230.02 Sx
Mosasaurus 2.76 Sp
Argentinosaurus 33.12 Sp
Giganotosaurus 397.5 Sp

Tech Tree Of Life[]

Primordial Soup[]

Amino Acid

Amino Acid

- Amino Acids (Unlocked after Primordial soup)

"Atoms and molecules bond together to create these raw materials of life."

Unlocks: Protein, Volcano (after 2 Amino Acids), Ozone Layer (after purchasing Volcano), Polypeptides (after 50 Amino Acids), Enzymes (after 100 Amino Acids)



- DNA (Unlocked after Nucleotides)

"A molecule with the unique property of self-replication, DNA's infinite configurations forms the foundation of all evolutionary changes."

Unlocks: Prokaryotic Cell, Chromosomes (after 50 DNA), DNA Replication (after 100 DNA)


- Prokaryotic Cell (Unlocked after DNA and Protein)

"The first living organism. These unicellular organisms paved the way for the rest of life to begin."

Unlocks: Virus, Nucleus, Mitochondria, Mitosis, Asexual Reproduction, Flagellum (after 50 Prokaryotic Cells), Ribosomes (after 100 Prokaryotic Cells)


- Eukaryotic Cell (Unlocked after Nucleus & Mitochondria)

"The prokaryotic cell's more complex cousin. Formed by the symbiotic unification of several prokaryotic cells."

Unlocks: Tissue, Filter Feeding, Sexual Reproduction, Chloroplasts (after 50 Eukaryotic Cells), Phagocytic Cell (after 100 Eukaryotic Cells)



- Sponge (Unlocked after Tissue & Filter Feeding)

"The world's first multi-cellular organism, these stationary filter feeders are a product of multiple eukaryotic cells coming together."

Unlocks: Coral (after 6 Sponges), Jellyfish, Oscula (after 50 Sponges)


- Jellyfish (Unlocked after Sponge)

"Softbodied, free-swimming aquatic animals with a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles."

Unlocks: Radial Symmetry, Cnidocytes, Flatworm, Polyp (after 50 Jellyfish)


- Flatworm (Unlocked after Jellyfish)

"The proto-vertebrate. The first organism with bilateral symmetry, which enables the beginnings of the brain and internal organs."

Unlocks: Bilateral Symmetry, Vertebrae, Cocoon, Heart, Nerve Cord, Pigment Spot, Predation (after 50 Flatworms), Three Layer Skin (after 100 Flatworms)


- Fish (Unlocked after Bilateral Symmetry and Vertebrae)

"With fins to maneuver the ancient seas, fish evolved the traits that would make them the apex predator of the sea."

Unlocks: Eye (after 4 fish), Fins (after 16 fish), Lungs, Jaw, Fish Egg, Cold-Blooded, Cartilaginous Skeleton, Replaceable Teeth, Sharks (after replaceable teeth and daily reward)


- Tetrapod (Unlocked after Lungfish and Cold-Blooded)

"The original colonizers, tetrapods were the first water dwellers to develop legs and amphibious breathing and to crawl to dry land."

Unlocks: Ear, Legs, Egg Shell, Quadrupedalism, Scaled Epidermis, Warm-Blooded, Water-Tight Epidermis, Ecdysis, Reptile, Insectivore, Beaks (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 3), Shells (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 3), Archosauria, Protruding Nostrils (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 7), Sensitive Hearing, Squamates (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 11), Tough Skin, Prehensile Tongues, Limbless (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 15), Mobile Jaws (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 15), Miniaturization (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 23), Beaks, Bird, Migration, Feathers, Molting, Running, Game Birds, Long Necks (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 28), Aquatic Adaptation, Male Incubation (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 33), Flightless, Raptor Ancestry (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 38), Rapid Diversification (after Mesozoic Valley Rank 38)


- Mammal (Unlocked after Warm-Blooded and Egg Shell)

"The first vertebrates with warm blood, mammals nurse their young with milk from mammary glands, have skin covered in fur or hair, and have larger brains that possess a neocortex."

Unlocks: Uterus, Mammalian Teeth, Secondary Palate, Three Bone Ear, Hair, Eutherians, Mammal Brain, Olfactory Lobes, Placenta, Long Pregnancy, Estrus, Primate, Sweat Glands, Milk Glands, Hibernation, Powerful Hind Legs, Tooth Growth, Hooves, Rumination, Short Pregnancy, Four Molars, Non-Retractile Claws, Longer Jaws, Cloaca, Sprawling Limbs, Digitigrade, Carnassials

- Turtle (Unlocked after Beaks and Shells, Rank 3)

"Originally emerging during the middle Jurassic period, turtles are one of the oldest of groups of living reptiles. They are known for their distinctive shells."

Unlocks: Swimming, Sea Turtle, Slow Speed, Hiding, Box Turtle, Strong Jaws, Snapping Turtle, Long Lifespan, Galapagos Tortoise.


- Ape (Unlocked after Primate)

"The very beginning of human evolution, apes in the Hominidae family are the modern human's earliest ancestors."

Unlocks: Domed Cranium, Brain of Ape, Australopithecus, Bipedal Walking, Five Fingered Hands (after 15 Apes), First Idea, Homo Habilis, Extra Power, Homo Erectus, Complex Emotions, Neanderthal (after purchasing Complex Emotions), Opposable Thumb, Endurance Hunting, Wrist Joints


- Glires (Unlocked after Tooth Growth, 1 MetaBit)

"A clade comprising of both lagomorphs (rabbits and hares) and rodents, glires are small mammals with distinctive teeth that grow continuosly throughout their lifetime. Most are herbivores or insectivores, are small and furry, and have tails."

Unlocks: Rabbits, Range of Vision, Rats, Zoonosis, Flat Tail, Beaver, Rotating Ankles, Squirrel


- Human (Unlocked after Homo Erectus)

"Earth's dominant species. An amalgamation of millions of years of evolution. Capable of producing culture, society, and technology."

Unlocks: Human Brain, required for Neolithic Age and everything beyond, Menstruation (after 15 Humans), Problem Solving (after 50 Humans), Morality (after 100 Humans)


- Ungulates (Unlocked after Rumination, 10 MetaBits)

"Ungulates can be split in two groups: Terrestrial ungulates, witch share the trait of hooves, and cetaceans, which have flippers and live in water. Most terrestrial ungulates are herbivores."

Unlocks: Tusks, Deer, Hippopotamus, Food Source, Nose Horn, Rhinoceros, Gazelle, Stripes, Zebra, Elongated Neck, Horns, Humps, Camel, Giraffe, Megafauna, Buffalo, Leg Regression (after "fixing" Cetaceans with 2.50M MetaBits), Diving (after Leg Regression), Wooly Coats, Mountain Goat, Trunk, Elephant, Ibex

- Crocodilia (Unlocked after Sensitive Hearing, Rank 7)

"First appearing in the late Cretaceous period, crocodilians are large, predatory, semi-aquatic reptiles. Along with birds, they are the last descendants of the Archosaurs."

Unlocks: Patient Predator, Saltwater Habitat, Crocodile, Freshwater Habitat, Alligator, Long Snout, Gharial.

- Cyborg (Unlocked after Human and Emergent Age)

"Cybernetic organisms, or cyborgs for short, are biological beings with mechanical parts-ranging from medical implants and accessories to fully integrated machines and computer systems."

Unlocks: Artificial Organs, Prosthetics, Neural Interface.


- Marsupials (Unlocked after Four Molars, 250 Metabits)

"Marsupials are mammals that give birth to live young at an early stage of development. The young stay for a time in a pouch on the mother's abdomen, where they remain until they have grown enough to be independent. Kangaroos are marsupials."

Unlocks: Abdominal Pouch, Diprotodonts, Kangaroo, Koala, North American Opossum

- Lizard (Unlocked after Prehensile Tongues, Rank 11)

"A mainly carnivorous group of reptiles, the lizards include over 6,000 distinct species and are located on every continent except Antarctica."

Unlocks: Sticky Fingers, Geckos, Color Changing, Chameleon, Tail Regeneration, Skinks, Sudden Speed, Iguana, Deadly Bite, Komodo Dragon.

- Superhumans (Unlocked after Cyborg and Bioengineering)

"Advances in medicine, gene editing, biotech, and numerous other fields have led to the creation of a whole new class of superhumans with significantly advanced lifespans and abilities."

Unlocks: Enhanced Lifespan, Enhanced Physique, Enhanced Intelligence, Humanoid Colonist


- Snake (Unlocked after Limbless and Mobile Jaws, Rank 15)

"Long, skinny, and limbless, snakes are a family of carnivorous reptiles. They range in size from only a few centimetres to almost 7 metres in length."

Unlocks: Habitat Diversity, Slithering, Colubridae (after purchasing Habitat Diversity and Slithering), Constriction, Python (after purchasing Constriction), Hollow Fangs, Viper (after purchasing Hollow Fangs)

- Galliformes (Unlocked after Game Birds and Running, Rank 23)

"A group of toothless, ground-dwelling birds. Along with Anseriformes, Galliformes are one of only two types of modern birds to date back to (and have survived) the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event."

Unlocks: Wattle, Digging, Turkey (after purchasing Wattle), Chicken (after purchasing Wattle and Digging), Quail (after purchasing Digging), Plumage, Peacock (after purchasing Plumage)

- Humanoid Colonist (Unlocked after Superhumans)

"After many generations adapting to local conditions on far-flung exoplanets, the descendants of colonists from Earth bear only a distant resemblance to their human forebears."

Unlocks: Environmental Adaptation, Autonomous Drones, Genetic Modification, Speciation

- Anseriformes (Unlocked after Aquatic Adaptation, Rank 28)

"A group of birds uniquely adapted for an aquatic environment. Along with Galliformes, Anseriformes are one of only two types of birds to date back to (and have survived) the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event."

Unlocks: Dabbling, Ducks (after Dabbling), Geese (after Dabbling), Monogamy, Swan (after Monogamy)


- Caniform (Unlocked after Longer Jaws, 300,000 Metabits)

"'Dog-like' carnivores, the caniform family includes dogs, bears, seals, and more. They are opportunistic feeders and are more frequently omnivores than feliforms, which are usually pure carnivores."

Unlocks: Wolf, Bone-Crushing Teeth, Seasonal Heterothermy, Grizzly Bear, Bushy Tail, Fox, Black Epidermis, Polar Bear, Loose Skin, Honey Badger, Sesamoid Thumb, Panda, Lung Capacity, Pinniped, Earless, Seal, Blubber, Walrus, Play, Otter

- Palaeognathae (Unlocked after Flightless, Rank 33)

"A group of mostly-flightless birds. They are notable for their pseudo-reptilian palate, proportionately small brains, and for the tendency for male birds to incubate their species' eggs."

Unlocks: Scent Acuity, Kiwi (after Scent Acuity), Kick, Ostrich (after Kick), Thirst Management, Emu (after Thirst Management)

- Cetaceans (Unlocked after Diving, 2.50 M MetaBits)

"Cetaceans are aquatic mammals that are descended from the same ancestors as ungulates. While some ungulates moved further inland, the cetaceans inhabited the shoreline and later moved into a fully aquatic niche."

Unlocks: Underwater Communication, Baleen, Whale, Tooth Tusk, Narwhal, Dolphin Intelligence, Dolphin, Matrilineal, Orca

- Neoaves (Unlocked after Raptor Ancestry and Rapid Diversification, Rank 38)

"Almost 95% of all known species of birds belong to the Neoave clade. They are extremely diverse, and appeared shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs."

Unlocks: Aggression, Blue Jays (after Aggression), Intelligence, Speech, Parrots (after Speech), Carrion, Crows, Hovering, Hummingbird, Vulture, Head Rotation, Owls, Flippers, Penguin, Flocking, Cranes, Homing, Pigeons, Eagle Eyes, Eagles


- Monotremes (Unlocked after Sprawling Position, 42.00 M Metabits)

"Monotremes are a rare group of mammals that give birth to eggs but nurse their young with milk. The only types of monotremes that currently exist are the platypus and various species of echidna."

Unlocks: Venomous Spurs, Toothless, Platypus, Echidna

- Feliform (Unlocked after Carnassials, 5.50 B Metabits)

"The feliformia are the 'cat-like' group of carnivores. They have shorter snouts than the caniforms and fewer teeth. They are generally ambush hunters, with retractible claws, and live on almost all continents."

Unlocks: Puuur-fect Companion, Snow Paws, Snow Leopard, Screaming, Puma, Pelt Pattern, Tiger, Mane, Lion

Dawn of Civilization[]

Ancient Civilizations[]

Stn age.png

- Stone Age (Unlocked after Stone Tools)

Description: "The first modern humans walk the Earth, and the change the world around them- creating tools, raising animals, building communities. Soon, we will learn that nothing can stop human progress."

Unlocks: Advanced Stone Tools, Fire, Hunting, Burial, Big Game, Fishing


- Neolithic (Unlocked after Adv. Stone Tools, Speech, Burial and Human)

Description: In the time before the invention of metallurgy, humans move from hunting and gathering to farming, and the first villages begin to form.

Unlocks: Pottery, Farming


- Bronze Age (Unlocked after Metallurgy, Plow, and Writing)

Description: Following the Neolithic Age, the Bronze Age is marked by the increase in (what else?) the use of smelted bronze. During this period some civilizations developed early systems of writing, centralized governments, organized warfare, medicine, and religion.

Unlocks: Bronze, Arithmetic, Iron, Zero


- Iron Age (Unlocked after Iron and Alphabet)

Description: When people begin to create better weapons using steel and iron, making bronze obsolete. Elaborate hammered tools and weapons, proto-urban societal structures, and nominally fortified cities began to emerge.

Unlocks: Gunpowder, Military, Government, Iron Tools, Algebra

Middle Civilizations[]

Mid age.png

-Middle Ages (Unlocked after Military and Government)

Description: A vast period of history that is generally defined as lasting from the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century to the fall of Constantinople in the 15th century. It was characterized in Europe by mass migration, population decline, and political instability.

Unlocks: Windmill, Organized Religion, Feudalism, Movable Type


- Age of Discovery (Unlocked after Organized Religion, Paper Money, and Printing Press)

Description: Mankind tests the boundaries of their known world, exploring over land and sea. This ushers in an era of global trade, colonialism, shared culture, and communicable disease.

Unlocks: Banking, Caravel, Astrolabe, Galleon, Magnetic Compass, Sextant

- Scientific Revolution (Unlocked after Banking, Caravel, and Astrolabe)


Description: As the European Renaissance came to a close, new ideas about math, biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy changed the way we thought about the world. With the emergence of modern science, our intellectual progress as a species gets a sudden boost of speed. We are learning more than ever.

Technological Civilizations[]


- Industrial Revolution (Unlocked after Steam Engine and 3 Laws of Motion)

Description: The scientific processes we began to understand during the Scientific Revolution give way to unbelievable progress- now, machines work for us in massive factories, while steam power propels us across the globe.


- Atomic Age (Unlocked after Factory and Telephone)

Description: Humans have split the atom, and unleashed a new kind of power on the world. Not the last age. If you're careful.


- Information Age (Unlocked after Atomic Bomb and Computer)

Description: The age you're in right now! Also known as the Computer Age or Digital Age.


- Emergent Age (Unlocked after Internet)

Description: A new era in the history of mankind, the Emergent Age is a time where new advances in technology lead us to question what it means to be human, and the boundaries between people and technology.


- Singularity (Unlocked after Mind Upload, AI and Self Assembly)

Description: Technological growth has become uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

Unlocks: Uploaded Consciousness, Machine Rights

- Android (Unlocked after Singularity, Humanoid Robot and AI)

Description: Inhabiting the deepest reaches of the Uncanny Valley, these humanoid robots are designed to mimic a human appearance.

- Sentient Android (Unlocked after Android)

Description: A fully conscious, self-aware artificial intelligence housed inside a simulated human body—perhaps even indistinguishable from its organic counterpart.

Unlocks: Stylized Appearance, Self-modification Abilities, Embodied Human Consciousness, Personality Programming

Colonization of Mars[]


- Rover (Unlocked after Space Station, Space Shuttle, Drones)

Description: Human-made machines are the first explorers on the surface of Mars

Unlocks: Cargo Missions, Solar Power, Interplanetary Spaceflight, Atmospheric Research (after 6 Rovers), Magnetic Research (after 4 Rovers), Olympus Mons, Discovery of Ice

1 NbyGjBW4TLF6Bks0pseGPQ.png

- Human Expedition (Unlocks after Solar Power, Cargo missions)

Description: For the first time, humans travel to another planet. We are now officially an interplanetary species.

Unlocks: Martian Mining, Cyanobacteria, Deflection Shields, Microgravity Research, HAB, Biodome, Propellant Production Plant, Psychological Support (after 6 Human Expeditions)

- Martian Settlement (Unlocks after Cyanobacteria, Biodome, Resource Extraction Equipment)

Description: We are no longer just explorers - Now we are colonists.

Unlocks: Crewed Rowers (after 3 Martian Settlements), Water Drilling, Ore Refinement, Radiation Protection, Lava Tubes (after 6 Martian Settlements), Fertilizer Production

- Martian Factory (Unlocks after Ore Refinement, Fertilizer Production)

Description: The human settlements on Mars begin to become self-sufficient. Now that we can reap the benefits of Mars' natural resources, we start to create the new Martian economy.

Unlocks: Nuclear Fusion, Large Scale Extraction, Worker Space Suits, Advanced Robotics (after 3 Martian Factories), Interplanetary Traderoute, Advanced Propulsion, Commercial Spaceflight

- Martian City (Unlocks after Commercial Spaceflight, Renewable Energy)

Description: The colonists of Mars work, play, and live in the world that they have created. This once-hostile planet is now home.

Unlocks: Phobos Space Elevator, Martian-born Adaptability, Interplanetary Tourism, Economic Prosperity, Terraform, Orbital Greenhouse Heating, Build Atmosphere, Magnetosphere, Import Ammonia/Hydrocarbons, and Fully Terraformed Environment.


Phase 1: November, 2021[]

  1. Sun
  2. Mercury
  3. Venus
  4. Earth
  5. Moon
  6. Mars
  7. Asteroid Belt
  8. Ceres
  9. Vesta
  10. Jupiter
  11. Io
  12. Europa
  13. Ganymede
  14. Callisto
  15. Saturn
  16. Titan
  17. Enceladus
  18. Uranus
  19. Neptune
  20. Triton
  21. Pluto
  22. Shoemaker Levy 9
  23. Halley's Comet
  24. Hale–Bopp
  25. Kuiper Belt
  26. Haumea
  27. Makemake
  28. Eris
  29. Heliosphere
  30. Sedna
  31. Planet X
  32. Hills Cloud
  33. Oort Cloud
  34. Alpha Centauri

Phase 2: TBA[]

Deep Space Exploration: TBA[]


Unfold the Universe (more information found on the linked page)[]

  1. Ground Telescope
  2. Hubble Telescope
  3. James Webb Telescope
  4. Development
  5. Construction
  6. Launch