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Ghosts are all around the primary simulation. Semblance says that these ghosts are viruses trying to haunt the simulation. If you click on one of the ghosts, they will turn into dust. Ghosts are translucent, have different shapes, and like to hide. Once you found all of them, you will unlock an achievement, «The Spookiest Achievement». The event has been released two times, both around halloween. This event is currently not active.

  • 21/10/2022 to 3/11/2022, 55 ghosts.
  • 18/10/2023 to 8/11/2023, 11 additional ghosts (66 total.)


By finding all the Dodos in the simulation, you will get a secret achievement called «The Spookiest Achievement.»


If you need any help finding the ghost, check the video below.

Feel free to use the camera to turn the scenes in all directions.

Credit: Playmoreinside



DODO Ghost Hunt - ALL 66 Locations - Cell to Singularity

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