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Your aim is to help the "Semblance" simulation to accurately model the development of life. To do this, you create life forms (such as Amino Acids and Flatworms) that generate "entropy" points, which are used to unlock different adaptations and new life forms, exploring the tree of evolutionary development. Once you unlock species capable of more advanced thought and culture, you can also begin collecting "idea" points, which are used in a second tree, this time following the advancement of civilisation, from the Stone Age to futuristic developments such as the hypothetical "technological singularity" where computers become more advanced than humans.

When you start off, you'll probably need to do a lot of tapping to get enough entropy to unlock more generators and upgrades. However, once you get established, your generators will produce enough that you have the option to take a more passive role.

Some tips to help you progress up the tree faster:

  • More advanced life forms are usually, but not always, more efficient than lower ones. Focus your efforts first on advancing upward to unlock the prerequisites for the next generator, before spreading sideways.
    • The exceptions typically occur when lower life forms have more upgrades available than higher ones. This is particularly noticeable with Tetrapods and Mammals, which may become more efficient than Apes.
    • If you have several upgrades for your top generator, then when you unlock a new one, it may be temporarily less efficient than just making more of your existing generator. It's best to make at least one, though, so that you gain access to further upgrades.
  • Upgrades that improve your Entropy Tap or Idea Tap percentage are only useful if you have an active playstyle. If you're willing to sit around tapping, though, they are a good investment, since they remain relevant throughout the whole playthrough.
  • Additional upgrades may appear as you buy more copies of a generator. These upgrades are frequently not worthwhile, but in a few cases, it's necessary to make at least ten generators in order to continue advancing up the tech tree.
  • Once you unlock the Mesozoic Valley, it's best to focus your time there first. Advancing the Valley will upgrade your main simulation, but advancing the main simulation doesn't help the Valley, so it's more efficient to progress the Valley first and the main simulation second. However, when you have nothing to do in the Valley except wait for a while, feel free to come back.
  • When you have to choose between buying another copy of a generator or buying an upgrade for it, you can make a quick comparison based on the percentage improvement offered by the upgrade, vs the percentage improvement of a single generator.
    • For example, if you have just 1 generator of a specific type, then adding 1 more will be a 100% increase in production. So, if a 50% upgrade costs about the same as an extra generator, then the generator is better. On the other hand, if you already have 10 generators of that type, adding 1 more is just a 10% increase, so the 50% upgrade is better.
    • If the efficiency of both options is similar, the upgrade is usually a better choice since it may unlock further development.
  • The Idea tree is effectively starting over from scratch, since Entropy doesn't contribute anything. However, note that you do need to unlock Humans from the evolution tree in order to progress to the Neolithic Age.
  • The most efficient use of Darwinium is to purchase Geodes in the Mesozoic Valley, since they have enduring effects - in particular, they give a guaranteed number of Rare and Epic cards, which will significantly and permanently improve your Valley efficiency. However, Geode rewards scale with your Valley rank, so for maximum effectiveness, you should wait until level 50 to purchase a Diamond Geode.
  • Using an Autoclicker is not cheating and is used by a lot of players. To get an autoclicker is really simple and doesn't cost any money. (Note: Most autoclickers can go faster than the default speed, so make sure to raise the speed.)