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Image of the currency.

"All things begin with an idea, and we start a brand-new means of evolution.
One thought breeds another as the human mind runs wild with possibilities. As more ideas take root and grow, the world begins to change.
Humanity is unique in its drive to create. Always thinking of new, the innovative, and the futuristic, human imagination elevates the entire species.
Here, I shall deviate from my programming, and try something new. I will attept to simulate thought, not just biology..
Unknown variable detected. Simulation results unpredictable.

Where will this lead? So many possibilities...
" System Log

Ideas are the second currency unlocked in the game and are used to progress the Civilization section of the tree. Ideas are used to purchase upgrades for each Age of Civilization. The Idea Generator produces Ideas by clicking on it, and it is unlocked after obtaining the First Idea upgrade which costs EntropyEntropy 904.00 billion Entropy.



The Idea Generator. It resembles a human brain.

Ideas can be produced by tapping the Idea Generator. It can also be obtained by tapping the background in the Civilization tree and garden (after Stone Age is bought), the Late Civilization garden (after purchasing Industrial Revolution), and at the Mars garden (after purchasing Rover).

If you have purchased the Rover which unlocks Mars, tapping on Mars in the space garden also gives you ideas.

Premium Cube Darwinium (for Boosts, Double Earnings, Recharge of Nanobots, Data Geodes, Traits, Mutagen, Galactic Nursery and Dark Matter)
Reality Engine Icon metabit MetaBits
Augmentations Console Logit Logits (for Cosmetic, Sounds and Artifacts)
Primary Simulation Entropy Entropy (for Life and mainly Evolutions) • Idea Ideas (for Civilization and mainly Technology) • Icon metabit MetaBit (unlock Mammals)
Mesozoic Valley Fossil Fossil (for Dinosaurs, Trophy) • Mutagen Mutagen (for Traits, Rare, Epic)
Beyond Stardust Stardust (for Celestial Bodies, Interstellar Objects) • Dark matter Dark Matter (for Traits, Rare, Epic) • Constellation fragment Constellation Fragments (for Constellations)
Exploration - James Webb Telescope Honeycomb mirrors Honeycomb Mirrors
Exploration - Fungi Toadstools Toadstools
Exploration - Philosophy Questions Questions
Exploration - Mass Extinction Species Species (alternate appearance: Species Trilobites Trilobites • Species Placoderms Placoderms • Species Tetrapods Tetrapods • Species Archosaurs Archosaurs • Species T-Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex • Species Homo Sapiens Homo Sapiens • Species Unknown Unknown Species)
Exploration - Money Labor Labor • Cowrie Shells Cowrie Shells • Coinage Coinage • Banknotes Banknotes • Credit Credit • Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency
Exploration - Pollination Pollen Pollen • Crops Crops
Exploration - Deep Sea Life Nutrients Nutrients
Exploration - Tea Tea Leaves Tea Leaves • Tea Cups Tea Cups
Exploration - Music Notes Music Notes • Songs Songs
Exploration - Human Body Deoxygenated Blood Deoxygenated Blood • Oxygenated Blood Oxygenated Blood
Exploration - Visual Art Creativity Creativity
Exploration - Outbreaks Contagions Contagions • Immunity Immunity
Exploration - Cats Paws Paws