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Jupiter is the 10th Celestial Body and the 1st Gaseous Planet obtained in The Beyond Bubble Universe, which can generate Stardust.

In-Game Description[]

"Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is made of hydrogen and helium gas and has no solid surface. Constant storms in Jupiter's atmosphere create stripes and bands of swirling colors."



  • Great Red Spot (Speed):

"The Great Red Spot is a constant high-pressure storm in Jupiter's turbulent, gaseous atmosphere. It appears as a large red or orange circle on Jupiter's surface. The storm is so large that you could fit three planet Earths into it."

  • Gravitational Powerhouse (Payout):

"Jupiter's mass prevents objects in the Asteroid Belt from coalescing into a single planet. The gas giant's gravity disrupts the orbits of objects in the belt, making them collide with each other."


  • Failed Stars (Payout):

"Gas giants are planets made of hydrogen and helium, the same basic elements as a star. Unlike stars, they never experienced the conditions necessary to trigger nuclear fusion. Instead, they exist as layers of hydrogen around a molten core."


  • Speed of Light (Speed):

"The speed of light is the rate at which light and all massless particles travel through a vacuum. While it can seen instantaneous from up close, over long distances this speed limit becomes very noticeable. The theory of relativity relates to the speed of light."

  • Cosmic Gravity (Payout):

"Gravity is one of the fundamental forces and key to understanding how the universe works. Using Newton's principles, astronomers can explain how stars and planets form, predict their mass and motion, and infer the existence of dark matter."

  • Goldilocks Zone (Discount):

"The Goldilocks Zone, also called the Habitable Zone, is the region around a star with conditions necessary for a planet that can sustain life. Planets like Earth, with surface water and breathable atmospheres, might be found in these zones in other systems."


Jupiter has a total of 80 natural satellites. Of these 80, four are present in the game. These include the Galilean moons, Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Additionally, Saturn also has a ring system. The ring system is not present in the game.


  • The Jovial Jovian (Rank 5):

"In the 1910s, English composer Gustav Holst wrote his well-known suite "The Planets." Each piece in the series represents a different celestial body. "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" is the most famous and popular of these melodies."

  • Oh, Hi Honey... (Rank 8):

"One of the probes that humans have sent to study Jupiter is called Juno. In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the king of the gods, and Juno was his wife. Jupiter was often unfaithful, so Juno was sent to check up on him!"

Real Image and Symbol[]


  • Jupiter - Real image and symbol above taken