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Lizard was added on Friday, June 26 2020. It is the 3rd reptile generator unlockable in the game, and has 10 upgrades. Lizard requires Mesozoic Valley Rank 11.


A mainly carnivorous group of reptiles, Lizards include over 6,000 distinct species and are located on every continent except Antarctica. In-game, the Lizard has the appearance of a green chameleon.


All upgrades only require 1 Lizard to obtain. In order, upgrades are unlocked one by one, as follows:

Upgrade Cost Effect Branches off From
Sticky Fingers 5.43 qi 75% more efficient Lizard
Geckos 32.00 qi 150% more efficient Sticky Fingers
Color Changing 51.80 qi 100% more efficient Lizard
Chameleon 158.00 qi 175% more efficient Color Changing
Tail Regeneration 3.23 Sx 125% more efficient Lizard
Skinks 23.20 Sx 175% more efficient Tail Regeneration
Sudden Speed 353.00 Sx 150% more efficient Lizard
Iguana 4.64 Sp 250% more efficient Sudden Speed
Deadly Bite 42.70 Sp 175% more efficient Lizard
Komodo Dragon 92.80 Sp 300% more efficient Deadly Bite
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