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Mammal Kingdom[]

Mammal Kingdom Logo

The new logo for the Mammal Kingdom branch.

Mammal brain upgrade

One of the new upgrades in the Mammal Kingdom.

The Mammal Kingdom is a branch of evolution in the main simulation. It becomes available once the player has unlocked Tetrapods, but to unlock the first Generator on this branch, the player must spend Metabits. Because of this, the Mammal Kingdom can only be accessed once the player has rebooted the simulation for the first time by reaching the Singularity.

Generators and upgrades in this tree are purchased with Entropy points. Different families of mammal are unlocked using Metabits.

This branch expands on the base game's pre-existing Mammal Generator in a similar fashion to the way that the Rise of the Reptiles expansion supplements the Mesozoic Valley and Reptile Generator.

Types of Mammals[]

There are six families of mammals included in this branch: The Marsupials and the Monotremes are each a separate section, and the Eutherians are sub-divided into the Glires, Feliforms, Caniforms, Ungulates and Cetaceans

The Marsupials feature Koalas, Kangaroos, and Opossums. The Monotremes feature Echidnas and Platypi. The Glires feature Rabbits, Beavers, Squirrels, and Rats. The Feliforms feature Snow Leopards, Lions, and Tigers. The Caniforms feature Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears, Foxes, Pandas, Seals, Walrus, Wolves, and Honey Badgers. The Ungulates feature Camels, Gazelles, Ibex, Deer, Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceroses, Zebras, and Elephants. The Cetaceans feature Dolphins and Whales