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"Metabits are prestige currency. Your entropy and idea production creates metabits. Gain more entropy and idea to produce more metabits. Each metabit will require more entropy and ideas than the last to earn. If your simulation starts to feel slow, restart the simulation." ― Official description in the Reality Engine

Metabits are the prestige currency of Cell to Singularity and are used to upgrade the Reality Engine that runs the simulation. You gain unclaimed Metabits by producing Ideas and Entropy (unclaimed metabits can be used to unlock additional content on the tech tree), which are then claimed and made usable by "rebooting" the simulation. This ability becomes available after buying the first Singularity.

The total amount of Metabits earned is the "simulation level," which passively increases the production multiplier by itself. This is independent of the amount of Metabits on hand, which can be spent in the Reality Engine tree to increase production, click value, or offline production value, you can also get Metabits in the main simulation and the Mesozoic valley and most useful, in the cube tree in the reality engine and you can buy the Relativity upgrade by buying 50 middle ages and you can get a lot of Metabits

The formula for Metabits gained is: (Entropy + Ideas)^(1/3) / 10000 - 1.

The production multiplier gained after a reboot is: (Total Metabits Earned)^(1/3) / 3 - 0.3

Premium Cube Darwinium (for Boosts, Double Earnings, Recharge of Nanobots, Data Geodes, Traits, Mutagen, Galactic Nursery and Dark Matter)
Reality Engine Icon metabit MetaBits
Augmentations Console Logit Logits (for Cosmetic, Sounds and Artifacts)
Primary Simulation Entropy Entropy (for Life and mainly Evolutions) • Idea Ideas (for Civilization and mainly Technology) • Icon metabit MetaBit (unlock Mammals)
Mesozoic Valley Fossil Fossil (for Dinosaurs, Trophy) • Mutagen Mutagen (for Traits, Rare, Epic)
Beyond Stardust Stardust (for Celestial Bodies, Interstellar Objects) • Dark matter Dark Matter (for Traits, Rare, Epic) • Constellation fragment Constellation Fragments (for Constellations)
Exploration - James Webb Telescope Honeycomb mirrors Honeycomb Mirrors
Exploration - Fungi Toadstools Toadstools
Exploration - Philosophy Questions Questions
Exploration - Mass Extinction Species Species (alternate appearance: Species Trilobites Trilobites • Species Placoderms Placoderms • Species Tetrapods Tetrapods • Species Archosaurs Archosaurs • Species T-Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex • Species Homo Sapiens Homo Sapiens • Species Unknown Unknown Species)
Exploration - Money Labor Labor • Cowrie Shells Cowrie Shells • Coinage Coinage • Banknotes Banknotes • Credit Credit • Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency
Exploration - Pollination Pollen Pollen • Crops Crops
Exploration - Deep Sea Life Nutrients Nutrients
Exploration - Tea Tea Leaves Tea Leaves • Tea Cups Tea Cups
Exploration - Music Notes Music Notes • Songs Songs
Exploration - Human Body Deoxygenated Blood Deoxygenated Blood • Oxygenated Blood Oxygenated Blood
Exploration - Visual Art Creativity Creativity
Exploration - Outbreaks Contagions Contagions • Immunity Immunity
Exploration - Cats Paws Paws