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The Mosasaurus is the 23rd Dinosaur in the Mesozoic Valley Bubble Universe, which can generate Fossil.

In-game description[]

"Mosasaurus was a massive aquatic carnivore. Growing up to 17 meters long, Mosasaurus lived near the ocean's surface and preyed on fish, birds, pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, and any other smaller animal that was unlucky enough to cross its path."


Double-Hinged Jaw (Speed Path)[]

"Mosasaurus had a double-hinged jaw, like a snake, which enabled them to swallow their prey whole. This ability to catch and devour prey of a large size enabled Mosasaurus' diverse and deadly diet."

Scales (Payout Path)[]

"It is believed that Mosasaurus was covered in smooth protective scales. Their dark color would have made the large Mosasaurus more stealthy and streamlined their movement through the water."

Rare traits[]



Cretaceous Age

Epic traits[]


Hollow Bones

Herd Behavior