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Mutagen is a currency in the Mesozoic Valley. Mutagen is used to upgrade Traits and carried over from rank to rank - it is not reset after triggering an Asteroid, and even persists through the level 50 Prestige reboot.

Obtaining Mutagen[]

There are several ways to get Mutagen.

Opening Geodes[]

Each Geode contains a specific level-dependent amount of Mutagen. For details refer to the distinct pages.

Buying Dinosaurs[]

There are several numbers of Dinosaurs bought that provide Mutagen. The following table shows these numbers. (Valid for levels 10 through 25)


You can earn achievements for creating 75 or 200 of a specific dinosaur species. These achievements each give a one-off payment of fossil points and mutagen. Note that you can choose when to collect the reward, so if you reach an achievement at the end of a level, it's possible to delay the payout until the next level when it will be more useful.

No. of Dinosaurs Mutagen gained
10 2
25 4
50 6
100 10
150 20
250 40
500 60
600 80