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The Nanobots are a special boost powerup that can be unlocked after reaching the first Singularity. They are purchased in the Reality Engine tree using Metabits gained from rebooting the simulation.


The Nanobot node, located in the Reality Engine menu.


The Nanobots have two modes of functionality: click mode and buy mode. Click mode enables the Nanobots to perform as an autotapper, clicking in the background to generate points and allowing players to earn extra entropy and idea points anywhere in the Main Tree and Gardens. Buy mode automates the Nanobots, which will automatically purchase entropy/life generators and upgrades in the tech tree. The Nanobots will only purchase upgrades and entropy life/generators in the current map view, and if the player is in the gardens instead of the tech tree, they will instead switch to click mode.

Players can switch between click mode and buy mode by tapping on the Nanobot icon on the left side of the screen.

Buy mode is unlocked upon buying Nano Buyer, which requires 2 Nanobots.


The Nanobot boosts last for one minute. When the time has run out, they enter a fifteen-minute cool down state; this can be bypassed by spending two Darwinium cubes.

Players can use Metabits to unlock additional Nanobots in the Reality Engine. Player can buy up to 12 Nanobots per boost.


The Nanobots are an assistive program created by Semblance to aid the player in completing the simulation. Using a rudimentary form of artificial intelligence, the sole purpose of these microscopic helpers is to assist you.


  • Click mode can be stacked up with other boosts and power-ups like the Shooting Star for maximizing earnings.
  • Buy mode is useful after a reboot to increase productivity and restore your progress through the tree more quickly. You can manually guide the Nanobots by navigating through the tree — the Nanobots will buy anything that is in the current camera view.

Click Mode and Buy Mode[]