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Palaeognathae is the 3rd bird generator, and 7th reptile generator, unlocked in the game. It requires Mesozoic Valley Rank 33.


A group of mostly-flightless birds. They are notable for their pseudo-reptilian palate, proportionately small brains, and for the tendency for male birds to incubate their species' eggs.

Paleognathae has the appearance of an ostrich.


All upgrades only require 1 Paleognathae to unlock. In order, the upgrades are unlocked as follows:

Upgrade Cost Effect Branches off
Scent Acuity 799.00 Oc 150% more efficient Paleognathae
Kiwi 4.54 No 175% more efficient Scent Acuity
Kick 1.23 No 250% more efficient Paleognathae
Ostriches 5.08 No 375% more efficient Kick
Thirst Management 11.70 No 450% more efficient Paleognathae
Emu 20.50 No 600% more efficient Thirst Management

Kiwi is a trophy generator, with a 3D model, animation, and the generation sequence appears when unlocking it.

The Kiwi Trophy Creature.


  • "Palaeognathae" translates to "old jaws", referring to their palates, which have been described as more reptilian than other birds' palates.
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