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Planet X is the 31st Celestial Body and the 2nd Oort Cloud object obtained in The Beyond Bubble Universe, which can generate Stardust.

In-Game Description[]

"Scientists observing the outer edge of the solar system have long theorized that there may be a ninth planet past the orbit of Neptune. Its gravitational pull could explain the clustered orbits of many small trans-Neptunian objects."



  • High Mass (Speed):

"Planet X could be five to ten times as massive as Earth, and with a radius four times the size of Earth. This would decisively classify it as a planet, and not a dwarf planet or asteroid."

  • Mystery Planet (Payout):

"Because Planet X has never been seen, the details of its size, mass, and composition are hypothetical. Some scientists even think it may have come from another solar system. The existence of Planet X is yet to be confirmed."


  • Spherical Shell (Payout):

"The Asteroid Belt, the Kuiper Belt, and the ecliptic that the planets follow around the Sun are all shaped like a flat disk. The Oort Cloud, on the other hand, is a large spherical shape surrounding the whole solar system."


  • Speed of Light (Speed):

"The speed of light is the rate at which light and all massless particles travel through a vacuum. While it can seen instantaneous from up close, over long distances this speed limit becomes very noticeable. The theory of relativity relates to the speed of light."

  • Cosmic Gravity (Payout):

"Gravity is one of the fundamental forces and key to understanding how the universe works. Using Newton's principles, astronomers can explain how stars and planets form, predict their mass and motion, and infer the existence of dark matter."

  • Goldilocks Zone (Discount):

"The Goldilocks Zone, also called the Habitable Zone, is the region around a star with conditions necessary for a planet that can sustain life. Planets like Earth, with surface water and breathable atmospheres, might be found in these zones in other systems."


  • Space Oddity (Rank 3):

"Planet X is hypothetical, meaning it is theorized to exist but has never been seen. Astronomers haven't ruled out its existence as of 2021, and surveys of the area where it might be found are ongoing."

  • Disturbance in the Force (Rank 6):

"Some astronomers think the clustering of trans-Neptunian objects in the space where Planet X is theorized to be is purely coincidental. Others think it may result from instability in a massive disk. We won't know more about Planet X for certain until we can find it."

Real Image[]

Since Planet X is only just hypothetical yet, there aren't any real pictures of it as of now.