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The Rise of Reptiles is a branch of evolution in the main simulation. It becomes available when the player reaches Rank 3 in the Mesozoic Valley, with additional content becoming available after reaching subsequent ranks. The Rise of Reptiles includes both modern reptiles and birds and further details the chain of evolution of archosaurs and dinosaurs following the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event.

Generators and upgrades in this tree are purchased with Entropy points.

This branch expands on the base game's pre-existing Reptile Generator and the Mesozoic Valley in a similar fashion to the way that the Mammal Kingdom expansion supplements the Mammal Generator.

Info on the main producers prices and earning power can be found on the Generators pages.


- Turtle (Unlocked after Beaks and Shells, Rank 3)

  • Includes the trophy animals Sea Turtle, Galapagos Tortoise, Box Turtle, and Snapping Turtle

- Crocodilia (Unlocked after Sensitive Hearing, Rank 6)

  • Includes the trophy animals Crocodile, Alligator, and Gharial

- Lizard (Unlocked after Prehensile Tongues, Rank 10)

  • Includes the trophy animals Gecko, Skink, Komodo Dragon, Iguana, and Chameleon

- Snake (Unlocked after Limbless and Mobile Jaws, Rank 15)

  • Includes the trophy animals Common Snakes (Colubridae), Vipers, and Pythons


- Galliformes (Unlocked after Game Birds and Running, Rank 23)

  • Includes the trophy animals Chicken, Ostrich, Quail, Peacocks, and Turkeys

- Anseriformes (Unlocked after Aquatic Adaptation, Rank 28)

  • Includes the trophy animals Geese, Swan, and Ducks

- Paleognathae (Unlocked after Flightless, Rank 33)

  • Includes the trophy animals Kiwi, Emu, and Ostrich

- Neoaves (Unlocked after Raptor Ancestry and Rapid Diversification, Rank 38)

  • Includes the trophy animals Blue Jay, Vulture, Parrot, Owl, Eagle, Hummingbird, Crane, Pigeon, Crow, and Penguins