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Cell to Singularity Wiki

Posted every few weeks on the official Computer Lunch social media channels, Semblance's Cell Tips are a series of hints, suggestions, and clues for players of Cell to Singularity. They feature a square image taken from the game, with a border featuring a picture of Semblance and overlaid text. Each image also features a more detailed description of the hint in the body description of the post.

List of Tips[]

  • Redeem your daily rewards often to collect all the sharks! Have you discovered all 6 available sharks in the simulation? If not, keep checking in on your simulation every day to claim your daily rewards. I hear it's quite the achievement once you obtain them all! 🦈
  • Use Darwinium to trigger Entropy and Idea Bursts for extra in-game currency! Do you have Darwinium to spare, but find yourself running low on Entropy or Ideas? I recommend using Bursts to instantly gain large quantities of in-game currency. 💡
  • Use the Reality Engine to earn one of the most powerful currencies: Metabits! Unaware of the Singularity's perks? Once you reach the Singularity for the first time, you will unlock the Reality Engine and gain the ability to earn Metabits. These will enhance your simulation speed and allow you to unlock new features in the Main Simulation.
  • Reach Singularity on the main tree as fast as you can using Nanobots! Did you know that I keep track of how long it takes to progress from the beginning of the tree to the Singularity? Try going as fast as you can after your simulation resets. Remember that your Nanobots are here to help!
  • Remember to activate your overdrive boost before exiting the game! Your overdrive boost isn't just for realtime play- you can leave it running while your simulation is idle. Be sure to refresh this boost before powering down and venturing out into the real world.
  • Trigger the Singularity for more powerful generators and upgrades! Newer Universe Architects may not be aware about the sheer power of the Singularity. By activating it for the first time, this will allow your simulation to run at a faster and more efficient rate. It may seem daunting, but I know you are up to the task.
  • Get a new Mystery Trait Card in Mesozoic Valley's Traits menu every 20 mins! When you're in need of new Trait Cards in the Mesozoic Valley, a good option is to redeem a Mystery Trait Card. This is available under the Traits menu, and it can help freshen up your dinosaur research. It also provides chances of obtaining rare and epic cards!
  • Keep your eyes peeled for Golden Quantum Charge Boosts in the simulation! Beginner Universe Architects may not know that Golden Quantum Charge Boosts can help multiply your simulation earnings. These boosts appear randomly in the main tree and in any of the gardens- so look closely!
  • Be on the lookout for a special river friend to earn a reward! The Land Garden is enriched with biodiversity. Take a deeper dive to get a closer look at some of the most unique wildlife. I even hear there's a special reward if you can find a mysterious, pink cetacean...
  • The Nanobots 'tap' mode can be stacked on top of other boosts and power-ups! Automatic Nanobot tapping provides an additional way to earn extra Entropy. This can be stacked with Accelerator Boosts and Shooting Star Boosts, so my recommendation is to combine them for an even more profitable payout.
  • It's important to collect the Mutagen you earn from buying many dinosaurs! Accumulating Mutagen during Mesozoic Valley progression is an essential part of the research process! Once you're able to collect Mutagen after purchasing a certain amount of dinosaurs, be sure to claim it as soon as possible.
  • Some glitch nodes can't be unlocked right away- look out for the necessary resources! Have you encountered a strange glitch in the simulation? Chances are that it's blocking your progression path. Collect enough of the currency it requires to unlock it, then you can continue your research.
  • Click on the brain to generate Ideas when you unlock the First Idea trait! When you unlock the First Idea trait in your initial progression, a human brain will appear on the Main Tree! This intelligent organ allows you to unlock your first Ideas- a necessary currency for discovering more about human technology.
  • Click on the silver comet & tap fast to get 30 seconds of boost production! If you wait long enough when first entering your simulation, you'll see a silver comet shoot across the galaxy. Click on it before it passes by, then tap away to earn a significant production boost! (Note: The duration of the boost has been reduced to 15 seconds.)
  • Improve your simulation's Overdrive Boost duration with Capacitor Upgrades! Is your Overdrive Boost not lasting long enough? You can solve this problem by exchanging Metabits for Capacitor Upgrades in the Reality Engine. These will help multiply your production boosts for longer periods of time.
  • In order to progress through Mesozoic Valley, don't shy away from Extinction Events! Sometimes extinction is necessary in order for evolution to thrive. Trigger the Extinction Event in Mesozoic Valley to progress through the diverse valley of dinosaurs, and collect as many geodes as possible along the way.
  • Found a mysterious Rock on the Main Tree? Click on it! Beginner Universe Architects can find a peculiar rock on the Main Tree. Legend has it that an ancient relic can be found at its core! You must provide it with 200 taps to uncover the mysteries within.
  • Use Astronomy Missions to your advantage for extra offline earnings and rewards! Astronomy Missions are a useful mechanic to reap beneficial rewards, additional Dark Matter, and more. These missions still progress while your simulation is offline, so make sure all of your mission slots are filled before calling it a day!
  • Don't underestimate the Stardust production of most moons! Some Universe Architects may theorize that moons do not produce a significant amount of Stardust. However, when putting their rapid orbital speeds into account, they are an incredibly viable means of furthering your simulation production.
  • Look for Golden Asteroids on the tech tree and in the garden for a Stardust boost! Don't miss the opportunity for a quick Stardust boost with Golden Asteroids. You'll notice them shooting by in the Beyond Garden and tech tree. All you need to find them are a little patience and a sharp eye.
  • Astronomy Mission are an important resource for obtaining more Dark Matter! Are you experiencing a shortage of Dark Matter? This can really slow down Beyond progress, so it's important to fully utilize Astronomy Missions. Don't forget to keep fulfilling Dark Matter Missions when a slot becomes available!
  • Increase a Celestial Body's production of activating a temporary black vortex! Have you spotted anomalies that appear around Celestial Bodies and that vanish without a trace? If clicked on, these black vortexes can provide valuable production boosts for that designated Celestial Body.
  • Use constellations to boost different areas of your Beyond universe! When you collect Constellation Fragments, they can be used to piece together zodiac constellations! This star system unlocks valuable Beyond upgrades after each unique constellation reaches completion.
  • Use the Game Transfer system to back up your Cells save file! Backing up your simulation is highly recommended for optimal research. Choose the 'Game Transfer' option in the main menu to get started, and don't forget to make an account if you haven't already.
  • Don't forget to maximize your offline earning potential! We all know that offline earnings help keep the simulation running. But if you utilize Overdrive Boosts or Reality Engine upgrades, your simulation production will multiply in value! And you wouldn't even have to tap.
  • Trigger the Singularity for more powerful generators and upgrades! Newer Universe Architects may not be aware about the sheer power of the Singularity. By activating it for the first time, this will allow your simulation to run at a faster and more efficient rate. It may seem daunting, but I know you are up to the task.
  • Spot upcoming Exploration events when the countdown button appears! Looking to venture forth with Explorations? Keep an eye out for a yellow countdown timer in the top right-hand corner of your screen. When it appears, it will guide you and provide valuable information about fast approaching limited time events.
  • Unlock specimens in the Main Simulation when you rank up in Mesozoic Valley! I recommend utilizing the rank up system in Mesozoic Valley to harness the true power of your simulation. This will allow you to discover more dinosaurs and even more modern specimens that live in the Main Simulation!
  • Dig around the Land Garden to find an interesting archeological discovery! The simulation is full of mysteries waiting to be discovered. One of them resides in the Land Garden in an incredibly secretive dig site. How will you find these fossilized remains?
  • Find the red-footed booby and it'll take you to a secret location in the Land Garden! I've done a little birdwatching in the Land Garden, and I noticed a particularly striking bird. If you click on it and follow it around, it will guide you to a secret location. Where does it lead to, I wonder?
  • Remember to check the game every day to claim Darwinium, boosts, and more! Do you check in on your simulation every day? If not you're missing out on valuable resources to claim, such as Darwinium, production boosts, and daily rewards.
  • Replay Explorations to prestige badges and increase your Exploration production speed! Exploration badges now have a stacking feature! For each badge you collect, it'll provide between a 10-12% speed increase for its relative Exploration. Look for the number of your badge prestige in your Badge tab, and keep collecting!
  • Dance with a well-dressed archosaur in Mesozoic Valley for a surprise achievement! If you've spotted a handsomely dressed archosaur in Mesozoic Valley, you're in luck. Click on him to make him dance and he'll gift you a secret achievement.
  • Utilize the power of the Time Flux to progress faster through a limited-time event! Don't run out of time during a live event! Use a time flux to skip ahead an hour and to build up your bank while you travel through time.
  • Purchase the Money Artifact with Logits and toss it to see what secrets it might hold. Unlock a gold coin in the Civilization Garden when you buy the Money Artifact! Then see where you can toss that coin. You'll be rewarded if you get it right!
  • Claim bursts of valuable resources when you unlocked any achievement! When you unlock achievements, you will get a resource boost based on your current production. Some players wait to claim this boost until they have gained extra production to maximize their earnings.
  • Use MetaBits to redeem more simulation upgrades each time you reset your simulation! Upgrade your simulation by redeeming MetaBits in the Reality Engine. When you reset your simulation you will progress faster.
  • In order to fully utilize certain Logit Prize perks, be sure to unlock them on the tree! Purchased a Logit prize, but don't see it in action? Chances are it needs to be unlocked in the Main Simulation. Some Logit prizes even require MetaBits in order to provide their full benefits.
  • Have multiple cosmetics for the same item? Switch between them through the Logit Store! Feeling like you need a change? You can switch between different cosmetics for the same item in the Logit Store!
  • Tap an ape repeatedly in the Land Garden for a fun and unexpected surprise! Have you been to the mountains and explored the wonders of primate behavior? Tap on the right ape for a display of this iconic move and to earn this special achievement.
  • Use Mutagen to purchase the rare Trait Cards you need in Mesozoic Valley. If you’re struggling to obtain certain Trait Cards in Mesozoic Valley, Mutagen can help. Open the Mesozoic Valley upgrade store in your dashboard to exchange Mutagen for the Trait Card that you need.
  • Check in on your simulation every day for a variety of rewards! Interested in getting something for nothing? Check in once a day for your Daily Mutation reward. It's different every day.
  • Equip the Dancing Flatworm cosmetic and tap them for a fun surprise. Do you like to boogie? I recommend purchasing the Dancing Flatworm cosmetic in the Logit Console. Head to the ocean and tap a dancing flatworm for the night of your life.
  • Purchase and equip a sound pack to change the sound effects in your game. Do you hear that? Simulation sound effects can be changed with sound packs. You can purchase up to 3 packs in the Logit Store and enable or disable them anytime.
  • Need a boost in the Main Simulation? Collect Explore Event badges. If your Main Simulation needs a production upgrade, I recommend completing Explore Events. For every badge you obtain from events, the more efficient your game production will become.