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Sharks are unlocked as the trophy for completing a cycle of the Daily Reward calendar. A new species of shark unlocks every 14 days that the player logs into the game, with six species in total to collect. The sharks show up in the ocean garden view, where they swim around the environment and eat fish. This "fish hunt" is only visual and does not affect Entropy production.

In order of appearance through the Daily Mutation 14 Day Reward Calendar:

  1. Leopard Shark (Fish 300% more efficient)
  2. Tiger Shark (Fish 900% more efficient)
  3. Whale Shark (Fish 500% more efficient)
  4. Great White (Fish 1,700% more efficient)
  5. Hammerhead (Fish 3,200% more efficient)
  6. Megalodon (Fish 10,000% more efficient)

After you have unlocked all the sharks, completing a new cycle of the reward calendar will pay out one entire day of full production for Ideas and Entropy.

If you collect all 6 sharks you will unlock the secret achievement "Shark Week".

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All Sharks viewed on the tree.

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