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The Singularity is the 12th civilization generator, and a significant step in the game's narrative and mechanics.


When the player first reaches the Singularity, a series of ominous warning messages will appear when the player buys the upgrades leading to this new generator. When the player selects the Singularity, they are given the option to purchase it and reset their simulation, or to continue to play without upgrading the simulation.

Choosing to purchase the Singularity will reset the simulation's progress and allows the player to unlock Metabits, a new currency that is used to upgrade the simulation itself. This reboot is symbolized by a dramatic "crash" and an error message from Semblance. By spending their accrued points on bonuses in the Reality Engine interface, the player improves the speed and efficiency of the simulation and unlocks new content.

After the reboot, when the player reaches the Singularity a second time, the game does not automatically reboot the simulation. All subsequent reboots are activated by tapping on the Metabits bar under the currency counter.


Technological growth has become uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.


The Singularity appears as a revolving blue human head with purple digital particles.


Once the Singularity is first purchased, you will be greeted with glitched screen and sounds. A sequence shows the various gardens (primordial, civilization, etc) with visual glitches. Then, you will be greeted with the Singularity head spinning slowly, having purple eyes and a bluish aura. When it faces at you, fatal "errors" occur. This crash brings you to the Reality Engine interface and resets your progress in the tree.

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