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The Snake is the 4th reptile generator unlockable in the game. It requires Mesozoic Valley rank 15 to unlock.


Long, skinny, and limbless, snakes are a family of carnivorous reptiles. They range in size from only a few centimetres to almost 7 metres in length.

The snake has the appearance of a Timber rattlesnake.


All upgrades only require 1 Snake to unlock. In order, upgrades are unlocked as follows:

Note: Habitat Diversity and Slithering are unlocked at the same time

Upgrade Cost Effect Branches off From
Habitat Diversity 333.00 qi 333% more efficient Snake
Slithering 999.00 qi 333% more efficient Snake
Colubridae 647.00 qi 666% more efficient Habitat Diversity, Slithering
Hollow Fangs 38.80 Sx 333% more efficient Colubridae
Viper 6.67 Oc 666% more efficient Hollow Fangs
Constriction 39.50 Sp 333% more efficient Colubridae
Python 6.65 Sp 666% more efficient Constriction

Viper is a trophy generator, and has a 3D model, animation, and a generation sequence.