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Life Suggestions[]


Cheetah is a type of trophy animal that comes from the Feliform. It requires Spots (Feliform 1000% more efficient)(requires Pelt Pattern). They cost 25 Qdc and makes the Feliform 3500 % more efficient. They are also known for hunting lots of animals like gazelles and others. This could lead to jaguars and ocelots.


Hyena is a Feliform, costing 15 Qdc, which requires scavenging. They are found in the desert biome, and make feliforms 3000% more efficient.


Pelicans come from the Logit Store which requires 100 logits and costs 15 Qdc. They require Beak Pouch (Neoaves 1000% more efficient). They come from the Neoaves generator, making it 2000% more efficient.


Horse is an animal that have developed sounds like neigh, whinny and come from Ungulates. They make ungulates more efficient by 2000% and cost 10 Tdc Entropy. they come from Equus feruses. They also lead to the hybrid animals, which conclude zebroid, mule, hinny, and more. Horses have around 205 bones in their body, which is less than all of a kid’s bone count. They also lead to donkeys which is a trophy animal.


Hedgehog is a cute little mammal that requires Eutherians and Spiky Body (Mammal 360% more efficient). It makes Mammal 999% more efficient. It also requires Bats to unlock, even though Bats don't branch into Hedgehogs.


Algae is an informal term for a large and diverse group of photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms. It is a polyphyletic grouping, including species from multiple distinct clades. Included organisms range from unicellular microalgae, such as Chlorella and the diatoms, to multicellular forms, such as the giant kelp, a large brown alga which may grow up to 50 m in length. Most are aquatic and autotrophic and lack many of the distinct cell and tissue types, such as stomata, xylem and phloem, which are found in land plants. The largest and most complex marine algae are called seaweeds, while the most complex freshwater forms are the Charophyta, a division of green algae which includes, for example, Spirogyra and stoneworts.

Plants — Planned for future on Roadmap[]

Plants are mainly multicellular organisms, predominantly photosynthetic eukaryotes of the kingdom Plantae. Historically, plants were treated as one of two kingdoms including all living things that were not animals, and all algae and fungi were treated as plants. However, all current definitions of Plantae exclude the fungi and some algae, as well as the prokaryotes (the archaea and bacteria). By one definition, plants form the clade Viridiplantae (Latin name for «green plants»), a group that includes the flowering plants, conifers and other gymnosperms, ferns and their allies, hornworts, liverworts, mosses and the green algae, but excludes the red and brown algae.

A good way to put plants into the knowledge tree would be stemming from chloroplasts, then photosynthesis (Eukaryotic Cell 1000% more efficient), and then a new complete branch of plant. Could also connect with Fungi for slightly more evolutionary traits (like lichen), making the Fungi artifact more worthwhile.

Arthropods — Planned for future on Roadmap[]

Arthropods requires Segmented Body (Flatworm 365% more efficient), Exoskeleton (Flatworm 400% more efficient), and Trilobite (a trophy animal)(Flatworm 465% more efficient) to unlock.

Resembling: a red crab

Description: Arthropoda

Araneae — (included in Arthropods)[]

Spiders (order Araneae) are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs, chelicerae with fangs generally able to inject venom, and spinnerets that extrude silk. They are the largest order of arachnids and rank seventh in total species diversity among all orders of organisms. Spiders are found worldwide on every continent except for Antarctica, and have become established in nearly every habitat with the exceptions of air and sea colonization. As of July 2019, at least 48,200 spider species, and 120 families have been recorded by taxonomists. However, there has been dissension within the scientific community as to how all these families should be classified, as evidenced by the over 20 different classifications that have been proposed since 1900.

Resembling: a spider

Description: Araneae

Crustaceans — (included in Arthropods)[]

Cost: 10 qdc Entropy (need to research: Decapod)

Appearance: Shrimp

Insects — (included in Arthropods)[]

Cost: 100 tdc Entropy (need to research: Hexapod, Wings, Antennae)

Appearance: Dragonfly

Description: Insecta is an extremely diverse class of animals, and the largest group of arthropods.

Trophy Animals:


"A diverse family of eusocial insects, Ants can create societes topped only by humans, and can even create supercolonies."

Need to research: Communication (Ants communicate via pheromones and touch, letting ants know where they are supposed to be and even who they are supposed to be.) Hymenoptera (Order of complete metamorphic insect, defined by having unfertilised eggs hatch into males and often the presence of a stinger.)


Worm directly branches from Segmented Body.

Resembles: an earthworm

Trophy Animals: Leech (requires Sucker (Worm 100% more efficient)), Bobbit Worm (requires Burrowing (Worm 50% more efficient), then Scissor-shaped Jaws (Worm 200% more efficient)), Tube Worms (requires Burrowing, then Underground Life (Worm 100% more efficient))


Echinoderms directly branches from Deuterostomes (Flatworm 300% more efficient), which also branches into Vertebrate.

Resembles: a starfish

Trophy Animals: Sea Urchin (requires Echinozoa (Echinoderms 1000% more efficient), then Poisonous Spikes (Echinoderms 1500% more efficient)), Sea Cucumber (requires Gut Ejection (Echinoderms 2000% more efficient))


Coelacanth (Fish 250 % more efficient) can be unlocked by Living Fossil (Fish 150 % more efficient), in turn unlocked by Fish.


A deep water fish with lobed fins. Animals almost interchangeable with it have existed for hundreds of millions of years, making it a "living fossil".


Actinopterygii comes from the Logit Store and costs 75 Logits (Logit Store) and 100 Qdc Entropy (Main Simulation). It also requires Bony Skeleton (Fish 1000% more efficient) to unlock.

Resembles: A Goldfish

Produces: 10 Qdc Entropy/sec

Trophy Animals: Piranha (requires Strong Bite (Actinopterygii 25% more efficient)), Seahorse (requires Male Pregnancy (Actinopterygii 50% more efficient)), Catfish(requires Whiskers (Actinopterygii 75% more efficient)), Sturgeon (requires Whiskers, Long Lived (Actinopterygii 100% more efficient)), Pufferfish (requires Defenses (Actinopterygii 125% more efficient)), Clownfish (requires Defenses, Symbiosis (Actinopterygii 150% more efficient)), Eel (requires Long Body (Actinopterygii 175% more efficient)), Electric Eel (requires Eel, Electrical Shock (Actinopterygii 200% more efficient)), Koi (requires Many Meanings (Actinopterygii 225% more efficient))


Tiktaalik makes Tetrapod 10000% more efficient. It costs 100 Logits in the Logit Store and 4.5 Million Entropy in the Main Simulation. It requires Lungfish to be unlocked.

Amphibian — Planned for future on Roadmap[]

Amphibians come between Fish and Reptiles. Amphibians are stronger than Fish but weaker than Reptiles.

Resembling: a green frog

Trophy Animals: Salamander (Amphibian 100% more efficient)(requires Long Tail (Amphibian 100% more efficient)), Axolotl (Amphibian 1000% more efficient)(requires Salamander, Gills))

Synapsids — Planned for future on Roadmap[]

Cost: 120 million Metabytes, 350 Qa Entropy (need to research: Warm Blooded, Reptile)

Description: Synapsids are one of the two major groups of animals that evolved from basal amniotes, the other being the sauropsids, the group that includes reptiles and birds. The group includes mammals and every animal more closely related to mammals than to sauropsids. Unlike other amniotes, synapsids have a single temporal fenestra, an opening low in the skull roof behind each eye orbit, leaving a bony arch beneath each; this accounts for their name. The distinctive temporal fenestra developed about 318 million years ago during the Late Carboniferous period, when synapsids and sauropsids diverged, but was subsequently merged with the orbit in early mammals.

Resembling: Dimetrodon

Trophy Animals: Cotylorhynchus, Edaphosaurus, Moschops, Diictodon, Inostrancevia.

Bulk Communal Intelligence (soon to be edited by moving currency and tech descriptions)[]

Requiring the Research Internet and activated by the combination of the Researches, Complete Molecular Model of Human Brain, Optically Switched Computing followed by 3D Gel Computing, and then TFAI (Totally Free AI) in later ages.

Produces the currency «Metabytes» which could be traded for Metabits, Darwinium, Civilization, and/or something similar. May be needed for a final additional Civilization/Life level? (Galactic Citizenship?).

Depending on the power of Metabits, it could be very hard to achieve a positive result. One might risk a rebellion that costs all of the organic assets, all human or vertebrate assets, all human culture assets, any interest to leave planet, all AI assets, a portion of Reality Engine assets, or some similar set back or combo of set backs. Could involve a random resolution of good and bad results with modifications up or down depending on certain previous actions or emphases of combinations of Researches and/or Lives. Researching the enabled TFAI button before Optically Switched Computing and 3D Gel Computing Researches could contribute to these odds, but in which direction? These three options could have different sets of results and/or be modified by other preceding actions or emphases. I would go with greater numbers, greater connectivity and greater speeds making the possibility of enlightenment in the first instant more likely and that this would be good for humans, but it could go the other way.

(Possibly how many Connection points (see Dogs, below) would be the modifier, and whether or not the player had researched both AI Enlightened Self Interest AND Complete Model of Human Consciousness at Quark Scale would determine which set of results was used?)

Resembling: optics network of quantum optically switched 3D computers… A sparkling cloud shining beams in all directions?


Dog Domestcation is currently in the game but could have an improvement. Requires Endurance Hunting, Big Game, Complex Emotions, Abstract Thinking, Caniform, and Speech.

Dogs generate a new currency: Connection (with the dogs), and goes its own way till connections with intelligent dogs, cats,… and maybe aliens? (also modifications maybe: fire resistance, underwater breathing,…)

Connection should multiply the power of Animal Domestication and possibly other future Researches &/or intelligent Lives?

It could also better one's odds for better results in the formation of Bulk Collective Intelligence (see above).

Rovers, Turtles, and Life below Turtles, don't make Connection currency. Mars Colonist, Superhuman, and Humans make the most Connections, Ape, Crocodillia, Cyborg, and Humanoid Colonist, make reduced levels of connection points (maybe all colonists should make way more? or none?)?

Resembling: a dog

Description: They hunt with us, eat with us, herd with us, and now they are part of us.

We probably didn't have a choice but to live with cats and rats, but dogs sure make hunting & guarding the flock a lot safer and easier. Did we let them hang out at the garbage pile first, or did we use that right to manipulate them into seeing the point of working for us instead of just with us in the hunt?

Solo predators will form long term working hunting alliances between species, we made a more permanent deal with a fellow social species, dogs.


If we include dogs, we must have cats in the game, branching off somewhere in the Feliform area. Also, for domesticated creatures like dogs and cats, maybe you would require Neolithic Age from ideas (for domestication) to unlock those animals.

Cats will evolve from the "Puur-fect Companion", will cost 112qdc entropy, and boosts the Feliform by 250%.


A single Constant can only be obtained when all Simulation Upgrades are researched, and it appears at the very top of the tech tree. It is a reward for the best players, and shouldn't be too overpowered. It either could be 100x the power of a Singularity, or the power of 1 Amino Acid, to show how far you have gone, or how the universe goes back on itself. It appears in its own stage of stars as well.

Description: «With the Singularity reached, Mars terraformed, and all tasks complete, a single, universal Constant has been reached.»

Resembling: An Illuminati, or a Galaxy



(See Dog, above, more soon.)


(See BCI, above, more soon.)

Incomplete request, feel free to add what you want.


  1. Archaea (Prokaryotic Cell 100% more efficient)(requires Bacteria)
  2. Sea Anemone (Jellyfish 1000% more efficient)(requires Polyp)
  3. Tardigrade (Flatworm 1000% more efficient)(requires Exoskeleton)
  4. Earthworm (Worm 300% more efficient)(requires Burrowing)
  5. Sand Dollar (Echinoderms 1000% more efficient)(requires Echinozoa)
  6. Manta Ray (Fish 54% More Efficient)(requires Cartilaginous Skeleton)
  7. Sperm Whale (Cetacean 10000% more efficient)(requires Deep Diver (Cetacean 5000% more efficient))
  8. Porpoise (Cetacean 5000% more efficient)(requires Blunt Snout (Cetacean 2500% more efficient))
  9. Sports (Iron Age 250 % More Efficient)
  10. Dental Braces (Industrial Revolution 25 % More Efficient) Description: No more crooked teeth, a few years of braces will settle your teeth into position.

New parts[]

Solar System Colonization[]

  1. Climate Control (Singularity 100 % More Efficient)
  2. Geological Control (Singularity 100 % More Efficient)
  3. Full Planetary Control (Singularity 250 % More Efficient)
  4. Kardashev Scale Type 1 (Singularity 75% more efficient)
  5. Asteroid Mining (Human Expedition 50 % More Efficient)
  6. Asteroid Control (Human Expedition 75 % More Efficient)
  7. Lunar Colony (Martian Factory 75 % More Efficient)
  8. Jovian Expedition (Martian City 250 % More Efficient)
  9. Saturnian Expedition (Martian City 250 % More Efficient)
  10. Neptunian Expedition (Martian City 250 % More Efficient)

Dyson Sphere[]

  1. Mercurian Factory (Dyson Sphere 100 % More Efficient)
  2. Dyson Swarm (Dyson Sphere 25 % More Efficient)
  3. Venus Terraform (Martian City 1000 % More Efficient)
  4. Warp Drive (Dyson Sphere 25 % More Efficient)
  5. Laser Energy Transfer (Dyson Sphere 50 % More Efficient)
  6. Kardashev Scale Type 2 (Dyson Sphere 150% More Efficient)


  1. Unlock via logit store
  2. New generator that has 2 new trait cards and new category (quasi moon)
  3. Unlock podcast in main simulation

Some Suggestions[]

  1. Makarov (Atomic War 25 % More Efficient) Description: A standard, yet weak semi-automatic pistol mainly used by the Soviets in war, and daily life..
  2. Beretta 92 (Information Age 35 % More Efficient) Description: A semi-automatic pistol.
  3. The start of the game is now The Big Bang instead of the Home Star.
  4. Most of the animal nodes should be trophy animals, including Coral.
  5. Coral and Oscula should swap places.
  6. There should be a new secret achievement that is unlocked by making the Sperm Whale and the Giant Squid fight each other.
  7. Another new secret achievement is unlocked by clicking the face in the Aquatic Garden and seeing the life behind it.



Make your own simulations known as mods with a mod creation feature ( similar to Minecraft mods ) . The feature lets you make you own simulation with all the necessary tools:

  • Upgrades, research
  • Generators
  • Models ( for environment or generators )
  • Currencies
  • Achievements
  • etc....


  • Edited main simulation
  • Edited Mesozoic valley
  • Edited beyond simulation
  • Recreated simulations
  • Anything


That's all.

Event Related Suggestions:[]

For all events:[]

  • + 2 days per event (7 days)
  • Notification of when it starts the event

New Events:[]

Patch 8.20 — The Rise of Kingdom Plantae (The Beginnings Of Botany) W. I.P![]

Brief Introduction:[]

— Land plants first bloomed during the Ordovician Period around 470 million years ago. The first plants didn't have deep roots, and stayed on land mostly around the heat of the sun. These organisms have helped animals survive and thrive, and are one of the reasons why and how humans evolved into our shape today. This big, big clade is so complex, it would 99,9 % take up more space than intended if it were to branch out after the Chloroplast upgrade.

Prerequisites: Chloroplasts, Ozone Layer, University, Microscope


Autotrophic Behavior (unlocks the rest of Kingdom Plantae)

— Autotrophs are organisms that make their own food and energy by using light, water, carbon dioxide and other chemicals. Most plants are autotrophs.

Photosynthesis (branches out from Autotrophs) Angiosperms and Gymnosperms 10 % more efficient

— Using the Sun, plants exchange light energy and chemical energy by taking in Carbon Dioxide and water from the atmosphere.

Oxygen Making (branches out from Photosynthesis) Angiosperms and Gymnosperms 10 % more efficient

— Using the process of photosynthesis, plants can make Oxygen which served as a catalyst for rapid evolution and adaptability of some animal species.

(After the first three upgrades, there are two Branches the Player must buy in order to continue.)

Angiosperms (unlocks Photosynthesis) (branches out from Chloroplasts)

— Literally meaning seed vessel, Angiosperms are those plants whose seeds develop within a surrounding layer of plant tissue, called the carpel, with seeds attached around the margins.

Gymnosperms (unlocks the Greenhouse, the Plant Garden) (branches out from Chloroplasts)

— The term Gymnosperm means «naked seed», since the plants in the clade are those that do not produce flowers, but instead use cones and seeds in reproduction.

Watery Habitats (branches out from Angiosperms and Gymnosperms)

— The first kinds of plants were found on water, as all lifeforms did. These were seaweed and algae.

Algae (branches out from Watery Habitats)

— Although many algae species are in Kingdom Chromista, Green algae are often considered as plants since they have chloroplasts that make them undergo photosynthesis, ditto for red algae. Algae grow above the surface of water

Land Adaptation (branches out from Watery Habitats)

— Overtime, plants grew on seashores, and later on land by adapting two important parts: a waxy cuticle and a gametangia where the gametes are produced, resulting in the clade known as Embryophyta.

Exact Soil Conditions (branches out from Land Adaptation) Bryophytes 50 % more efficient

— Most plants have evolved to only thrive in certain soil conditions and will wither and die if conditions are not met.

Bryophytes (branches out from Land Adaptation) Angiosperms 20 % more efficient

— The most “archaic” of the land plants, often found in damp, dark places such as moist tree bark or pond water. Moss and liverwort are examples of Bryophytes.

Spores (branches out from Bryophytes) needs: Sexual Reproduction Bryophytes 35 % more efficient

— Bryophytes use spores, much like mushrooms, to reproduce. They release these spores that reach female Bryophytes.

Seeds (branches out from Spores) Gymnosperms 50 % efficient

— Encased in seeds are the next generation for Spermatophytes. They are kept nourished until they crack their seed wall and begin to sprout.

Flowers (branches out from Seeds) Angiosperms 15 % efficient

— Where Angiosperms reproduce. Flowers use pollen to reproduce which are then transferred by natural pollinators like bees.

Stems (branches out from Land Adaptation) Angiosperms 50 % efficient

— A plumbing system for the internal functions of a plant, it is where nutrients and waste commute to their respective places around the entire plant.

Vascularity (branches out from Stems) Angiosperms 25 % efficient

— Vascular plants are simply more complex among other plants, and thıs complexity allow them to live advantageously by transporting water, organic molecules and other materials throughout the plant, and allows the plants to live in a variety of environments.


Gymnosperms (produces Oxygen, another currency) Base Amount: 0.25 (see above for introduction and upgrades)

Life and Generators under Gymnosperms:

[Generator] Bryophytes (branches out from Oxygen Making)

— The oldest kinds of Embryophyte with around 20,000 species, Bryophytes prefer moist soil and live in shady environments.

Angiosperms (produces Flowers, another currency) Base Amount: 0.25 (see above for introduction and upgrades)

[Generator] Algae (produces Oxygen) Base Amount: 26 (see above for introduction and upgrades)

Life and Generators under Angiosperms:

Tracheophytes (branches out from Vascularity) Base Amount: 65

— Opposites of Bryophytes, Tracheophytes are vascular plants that have, well, vascules that go through the plant.

Monocots (branches out from Flowers) Base Amount: 125

— These plants are flowering and have grasslike composition, such as grass itself. These plants only have one embryonic leaf, and are why they are named as such.



Paleozoic Island (W.I.P)[]

Paleozoic Island is a new bubble universe in Cell to Singularity. The first time you unlock Arthropods, a new artifact will appear above the Arthropods Branch. Clicking the rock 100 times will reveal a Dimetrodon fossil.

Semblance's Words[]

Hmm... a new fossil? With a sail? | We need to find the source of this fossil. | Do you consent?

The bubble universe[]

The currency for buying generators is Oxygen Molecules (O2).

Name Rank Unlocked Initial Cost Initial Charge Speed Initial Oxygen Molecules Produced Branches From Diet Time Period How it Moved
Pikaia 1 50 O2 5s 2 O2 Nothing Herbivore Cambrian Aquatic
Haikouichthys 1 56 O2 10s 40 O2 Pikaia Carnivore Cambrian Aquatic
Pomatrum 1 100 O2 4s 100 O2 Pikaia Carnivore Cambrian Aquatic
Cephalaspis 2 1,000 O2 13s 200 O2 Haikouichthys Detrivore Silurian Aquatic
Sacabambaspis 2 2,980 O2 40s 1,000 O2 Haikouichthys Omnivore Ordovician Aquatic
Tiktaalik 4 10,000 O2 30s 2,000 O2 Cephalaspis Omnivore Devonian Quadrupedal
Ichthyostega 5 2 M O2 1m 1 M O2 Tiktaalik Carnivore Devonian Quadrupedal
Eryops 8 10 M O2 1m 40s 3 M O2 Ichthyostega Carnivore Carboniferous Quadrupedal
Westlothiana 12 14 M O2 2m 5s 10 M O2 Ichthyostega Carnivore Carboniferous Quadrupedal
Scutosaurus 13 20 M O2 5m 17s 50 M O2 Westlothiana Herbivore Permian Quadrupedal
Dimetrodon 16 100 M O2 10m 45s 1 B O2 Westlothiana Carnivore Permian Quadrupedal
Inostrancevia 19 1 B O2 1h 5m 45s 56 B O2 Dimetrodon Carnivore Permian Quadrupedal
Diictodon 24 4 B O2 1h 45m 16s 59 B O2 Westlothiana Herbivore Permian Quadrupedal
Lystrosaurus 30 70 B O2 2h 56m 34s 2 T O2 Diictodon Herbivore Permian Quadrupedal
Trilobite 34 3 T O2 3h 45m 56s 10 T O2 Nothing Omnivore Cambrian Aquatic
Opabinia 35 6 T O2 4h 5m 23s 24 T O2 Trilobite Carnivore Cambrian Aquatic
Endoceras 37 10 T O2 4h 23m 56s 34 T O2 Trilobite Carnivore Ordovician Aquatic
Anomalocaris 38 14 T O2 5h 30m 24s 44 T O2 Trilobite Carnivore Cambrian Aquatic
Aegirocassis 40 57 T O2 5h 54m 15s 60 T O2 Anomalocaris Carnivore Ordovician Aquatic
Brontoscorpio 43 103 T O2 6h 23m 44s 178 T O2 Anomalocaris Carnivore Silurian Octopod
Eurypterus 45 1 Qa O2 6h 45m 33s 7 Qa O2 Brontoscorpio Carnivore Silurian Aquatic
Hallucigenia 47 256 Qa O2 7h 34m 56s 3 Qi O2 Trilobite Carnivore Cambrian Aquatic
Arthropleura 49 678 Qi O2 10h 45m 57s 56 Sx O2 Hallucigenia Carnivore Carboniferous Myriapod
Meganeura 50 41 Sp O2 12h 23m 23s 100 Sp O2 Arthropleura Carnivore Carboniferous Parallel Evolution

The currency for buying traits is Sponges (SNG). Every trait's initial cost is 10 SNG.

Name Rank Unlocked Initial Effects
Pre-fish 2 Automate and speed up Pikaia 1x speed
Eye Stalks 4 Increase Pikaia payout 10%
First Vertebrate 2 Automate and speed up Haikouichthys 1x speed
Vertebral Common Ancestor 3 Increase Haikouichthys payout 10%
Simple Body 5 Automate and speed up Pomatrum 1x speed
Mouth Circlet 6 Increase Pomatrum payout 10%
Sensory Organs 7 Automate and speed up Cephalaspis 1x speed
Natural Helmet 7 Increase Cephalaspis payout 10%
Tadpole-like Appearance 3 Automate and speed up Sacabambaspis 1x speed
Large Jaws 4 Increase Sacabambaspis payout 10%


Devolution is a potential feature in cell to singularity. Players can devolve life and will be converted back into spendable currency. However, players will only receive 80% of the entropy they spent on it. Players cannot devolve Amino Acids, and cannot devolve if there is only one of that life form. Players cannot devolve all their life.

When life is devolved, the single-purchase upgrades of that life will not be kept.

A FANDOM user’s Suggestions[]

  1. Chichén Itzá (Middle Ages 50% more efficient) Built by the Mayans.
  2. Slavery (Iron Age entropy 50 % more efficient; ideas 15 % less efficient) Description: Now we can either be poor hardworking or rich easy-life. Tends to discourage looking for other ways of doing activities in a more efficient way.
  3. Kidnapping (Industrial Revolution 1000% more efficient) Hey, that's my son!
  4. Smoking (Bronze Age 75 % more efficient) Description: Weed is cool.
  5. World War (Industrial Revolution 100 % more efficient) The Not-So-Great War
  6. World War II (Atomic Age 150 % more efficient) The even worse war
  7. Airplane (Atomic Age 50 % more efficient)
  8. Fighter Plane (Atomic Age 25 % more efficient) Airplane with guns
  9. Plasma Plane (Emergent Age 50 % more efficient) An airplane with even cooler guns
  10. Tandem Rotor Helicopter (Information Age 25 % more efficient)
  11. Plasma-copter (Emergent Age 35 % more efficient)
  12. Spaceship (Information Age 50 % more efficient) They were meant to fly
  13. Jetpack (Emergent Age 15 % more efficient)
  14. Astronaut (Information Age 50 % more efficient) Ground Control to Major Tom or Rocketman (Or a lyric from the songs)
  15. Flag (Iron Age 25 % more efficient) Now nobody looks the same.
  16. Abolishing Slavery (Industrial Revolution 50 % more efficient) Let's stop torturing people and pay them chicken feed, ok?
  17. Bubble Habitat (Human Expedition 50 % more efficient) Living in a bubble taken quite literally.
  18. Water To Ice Generator (Martian Settlement 100 % more efficient)
  19. Lunar Mine (Human Expedition 150 % more efficient)
  20. Lunar Factory (Martian Settlement 200 % more efficient)
  21. Shipment To Earth (Human Expedition 50 % more efficient)
  22. Lunar City (Martian Factory 150 % more efficient)
  23. Space Vacation (Emergent Age 75 % more efficient) When earthly vacations are not your style, try a little outside your comfort zone.
  24. Manmade Moon Of Moon (Emergent Age 50 % more efficient) That's no moon…
  25. Death Star (Emergent Age 200 % more efficient) Destruction taken to the next level!
  26. Hover Vehicle (Emergent Age 175 % more efficient) The pinnacle of transportation!
  27. Hoverboard (Emergent Age 30 % more efficient)
  28. Venus Civilization (Martian City 150 % more efficient)
  29. Jupiter Civilization (Martian City 500 % more efftcient)
  30. Saturn Civilization (Martian City 300 % more efftcient) Putting a ring on it
  31. Uranus Civilization (Martian City 200 % more efficient) Don't even dare…
  32. Neptune Civilization (Martian City 150 % more efficient)
  33. Exo-planet Civilization (Intersteller Travel 300 % more efftcient)
  34. Andromeda Galaxy Civilization (Intersteller Travel 1000 % more efftcient)
  35. Teleport (Interstaler Travel more efficient 500 % more efficient) «Energize!»
  36. Universe Civilization (Interstellar Travel 1500 % more efftcient) Humanity has now spread as far and wide as possible. The whole universe is now filled with life!
  37. Interstellar Tourism (Interstellar Travel 250 % more efficient) Now if humans are bored at travelling in earth, now they can travel outside earth!
  38. Starship (Interstellar Travel 100 % more efftcient) Where no man has gone before!
  39. Time Machine (Interstellar Travel 25 % more efftcient) Great Scott!
  40. Universal Remote (Interstellar Travel 50 % more efficient) Has the ability to control everything, even things outside this universe!
  41. Multiverse Traveling (Interuniverse Travel 10000 % more efftcient)
  42. Metaverse Traveling (Internet travel 100000 % more efficient)
  43. Xenoverse Traveling (Internet travel 1000000 % more efficient)
  44. Hyperverse Traveling (Internet travel 10000000 % more efficient)
  45. Megaverse Traveling (Internet travel 100000000 % more efficient)
  46. Superverse Traveling (Internet travel 1000000000 % more efficient)
  47. Russell's paradox (the answer is actually a yes! Don’t tell anyone!)


NOTE: This section is very long

Upon reaching the upgrade «Video Game». Mini-games will be unlocked. Mini-games are fun games that will reward you with more entropy or idea. Generators reward you whatever their base production is per second. However, no matter how many times you reboot, mini-games will always stay on simulation level 1. Rebootunivering the universe will not delete your process, however, you will have to re-buy «Video Game» before the mini-games are available.

List of Mini-games[]

There are twenty mini-games.

Dip in the Gene Pool Merge Generators Generator Collapsed Connect Generators Match Generators
Memory Generators Generator Pop Cell Harvest Kill the Ants! Tap the Sponge
Electro Jelly Slice the Worm! Egged Egged (Aqua) Growth Spurt
Man of Armies The New World Trip to Moon Trip to Mars MetaVerse

Mini-game descriptions[]

Dip in the Gene Pool- similar to a claw machine, however, the claw machine will select a generator, with a 50 % chance of it being an amino acid, 25 % chance DNA, 15 % chance Prokaryotic Cell, and 10 % chance Eukaryotic Cell. You will need to collect 150 entropy.

Merge Generators- similar to 2048, you will need to swipe the screen to merge two generators, with Stone Age being the lowest, and requires Emergent Age to pass the mini-game.

Generator Collapsed- click on three or more of the same generators together to demolish them. There are 50 rows of generators throughout the game. There are ten levels, with each level passed, the generators will appear gradually faster.

Connect Generators- you will need to connect three or more generators to produce one higher generator. There are 10 levels. You can connect all directions, including diagonally prior level 6.

Match Generators- you will need to match three or more generators.

Memory Generators- on a 5x5 grid with one free space, you will need to match 12 pairs of generators to complete the level.

Generator Pop- Something similar to Candy Crush and along the same line as «Generator Collapsed»

Mini-games Option 2[]

For every achievement (excluding the general), there could be a mini-game. Mini-games allow you to collect currencies in a bag. You can empty the bag whenever you want and add the additional currencies into your universe.

  1. First Amino Acids: A universe fully with only amino acids! You won't get much, but it's the first minigame available.
  2. Acids, Acids Everywhere: On the go and collect as many amino acids as possible. Each amino acid gives 15 entropy (+5 every time you go). Don't tap on the wrong cells.

New Game Mechanic[]

Here is a suggestion of ways we can unlock treasures and boosts. There are also new treasures and boosts.

  • Prokaryotic Cell allows Shooting Stars.
  • Eukaryotic Cell allows Daily Mutation. The cytoplasm could make eukaryotic cell 30 % more efficient.
  • Sponge unlocks Quantum Charges.
  • Jellyfish unlocks Quantum Charges on Tech Tree.
  • Flatworm unlocks Auto Tap
  • Fish unlocks Generator Close-ups. It could be like the Mesozoic Valley, where you can tap on dinosaurs and hear them roar, and get close to them.
  • Mammal unlocks the store. The store could allow players to have permanent boosts, etc., paid with Darwinium (possibly hundreds of Darwinium needed?)
  • The Stone Age could unlock the first five mini-games.
  • The Neolithic could unlock mini-games 6-10.
  • The Bronze Age could unlock mini-games 10-15.
  • Iron Age could unlock the Market. In the Market, you get to deposit your generators, for money-back guarantee (but it will only give back a fraction of the money).
  • Middle Ages could unlock Newspaper, the newspaper could regularly announce if there are updates to the game, and advertise other games.
  • Age of Discovery could unlock sizing the universe, since we don't have it yet.
  • Scientific Revolution could unlock Spin the Wheel. You get to spin the wheel every eight hours to earn rewards. There are ten slots. Four of them have currency bursts, three have + ?hr boosts., two have ?sec shooting stars, and one has ? Darwinium.
  • Atomic Age Unlocks???


Toons are small clips in Cell to Singularity that are five minutes. There are sixty-four characters, and there are three seasons: Tech Tree of Life, Dawn of Civilization, and Mesozoic Valley. Seasons 1-2 have five 5 minute segments, while Season 3 has two 11 minute segments.


Amino Acid- Amino Acid is naive and crazy. He will rush to think about the best talents. Gender is male. (Voice Actor: Female Storyteller)

DNA- DNA is twistable and adores this ability, often using it to annoy his primordial neighbors. Gender is male. (Voice Actor: American Male)

Prokaryotic Cell- Prokaryotic Cell's biggest dream is to be a magician star. He always tries by asexual reproduction. Gender is male. (Voice Actor: TBA)

Eukaryotic Cell- Eukaryotic Cell is a floating cell in the primordial soup. She judges whether one is guilty or unguilty. Gender is female.

Sponge- Sponge is a sedentary and lazy character who often sleeps all day. Gender is male.

Jellyfish- Jellyfish is short-tempered and will sting with his electro-tentacles if anyone dare maddens him. Gender is male.

Flatworm- Flatworm is hardworking and does all the work by her crazy ability of regeneration. Gender is female.

Trilobite- Trilobite has a strong desire to think things through. If it doesn't go according to plan, she explodes cartoonishly. Gender is female.

Fish- Fish is a therapist of sea. She tries to understand everyone's problems. When provoked, she can push others with her flexible tail. Gender is female.

Tetrapod- Tetrapod is amphibious and absolutely loves water. He will freak out if there is not even one drip. Gender is male.

Reptile- Reptile constantly claims superiority over Amphibian by non need for water and will scratch anyone with his claws if anyone dare drip water on his scaly skin. Gender is male.

Mammal- Mammal is energetic rabbit and the slightest movement will spark her activity. Gender is female.

Bird- Just a seagull. Gender is female.

Ape- Ape is a lazy, arboreal character, yet shows anger issues. Gender is male.

Man- Man is a human with lots of temptation.

Woman- Woman is a human with lots of patience towards her husband, Man.

Cyborg- Cyborg is a human with lots of metal surgery. Gender is female.

Superhuman- Superhuman is a human with supernatural powers that is immune to almost anything. They are genderless.

Humanoid Colonist- Humanoid Colonist is a human who was born on Mars. Gender is male.

Arata- Arata is a Paleolithic human that is not very wise. Gender is female.

Farmer Brown- Farmer Brown is a Neolithic farmer that farms will, almost anything. Gender is male.

Jennifer- Jennifer is a Bronze Age sculptor. Gender is female.

King Iron- King Iron is an Iron Age soldier who puts up will no crime. Gender is male.

Sir Author Charles- Sir Author Charles is a typewriter and author, and publishes many books fastly. Gender is male.

William Columbian- William Columbian is an explorer who convinces everyone to go with him, but to no avail. Gender is male.

Professor Darwinium- Professor Darwinium is a scientist who is the inventor of Darwinium. Gender is male.

Railroad Driver Smith- Railroad Driver Smith is a train driver who is rushy. Gender is male.

Bombard- Bombard is always wanting war and coming up with evil plans. Gender is male.

David E. Lyala- David E. Lyala is a technologist and is a professor at computers. Gender is male.

Artificial Assistant- Artificial Assistant is David E. Lyala's Emergent Age sidekick. Gender is female. Crush and later girlfriend to Smith.

Android- Android is a robot who gives suggestions. Gender is female.

Sentient Android- Sentient Android is a mobile robot that gives suggestions. Gender is female.

Rover- Rover is a technological advancement on Mars. He enjoys soccer. Gender is male.

AstroMan- AstroMan is a scientist that studies the history of Mars. Gender is male.

Martian House- Martian House allows everyone welcome. Gender is female.

Martian Factory- Martian Factory produces oxygen for Mars. Gender is male.

Martian Building- Martian Building is a tall building that robs oxygen from Mars. Gender is male.

Alien JoeyFly- An alien that everyone hates due to being annoying. They are non-gendered.

Singularity- Singularity is an uncontrolled explosion of artificial intelligence at the end of the series.

Archie- Archosaurs are a group of diapsids and are broadly classified as reptiles. Known to be a bit of a grifter and a con artist. Gender is male.

Parasaurolophus- Ornithischia is an extinct clade of mainly herbivorous dinosaurs characterized by a pelvic structure superficially similar to that of birds. Said to have a chilled musical personality. Gender is female.


Just as the second minigame option, each segment of a toon will be named after their character's respective achievements.

Season 1 — Tree of Life
Primordial Soup
Episode 1
Title About Video Link
First Amino Acids Amino Acid tells DNA about his ancestors. https://youtu.be/l2t46wiHDgA?si=LsjKEJ9a52X1tg_M
Acids, Acids Everywhere Amino Acid accidentally spills acid in his house, and it must be rebuilt. TBA
Acid Trip Amino Acid is abandoned from a vacation trip, but he still tries to follow. TBA
Peptide Bonding With DNA's help, Amino Acid tries to solve a jigsaw puzzle made of peptides. TBA
Protein Chain Amino Acid serves protein chains for his primordial friends. TBA
Episode 2
A Dip in the Gene Pool Unallowed due to his over-twisting, DNA is too tempted to dive in the genetic pool.
Unzip Your Genes DNA suspects he has a zipper.
Sex Cells DNA tries to create a mortal being.
Genetic Engineering DNA attempts to twist every single gene.
A Crick in Your Neck After doing a dare trick, DNA gets a crick in his neck.
Episode 3
Liquid Assets Prokaryotic Cell, made mostly of liquid, tests what dehydration is like.
Get Cultured Prokaryotic Cell tries to become a magician by asexual reproduction crazy.
Share and Share Alike Prokaryotic Cell won't share a toy with Eukaryotic Cell.
Leave it to Leeuwenhoek Prokaryotic Cell spreads a myth that a scientist creates all life.
True Love's Bacteria Prokaryotic Cell discovers another bacterium of the same species
Episode 4
Powerhouse of the Cell Eukaryotic Cell is hired by the local ATP factory.
Eukaryotic, I-karyotic, He-She-We-karyotic… Eukaryotic Cell finds a friend
Pump up the Volume Eukaryotic Cell stars in a band
True Nut! A nut falls on the petri dish Eukaryotic Cell lives in
Big Cell in a Small Town Eukaryotic Cell moves neighborhoods after nut incident
Episode 5
Squishy Eukaryotic Cell meets a Squishy Sponge while Seeing His New House
Hospitable TBA
Sponge Bath TBA
Startling Sponge Stats TBA
I'm Running Out of Sponge Puns Sponge ran Out of His Puns while Telling a Joke to Someone
Episode 6

Beyond universe[]

Beyond universe Cell to It is a new bubble universe in the Singularity. When you first unlock Super Galaxy Networks in Beyond, a new artifact will appear above the Super Galaxy Network. When you click on the hidden phenomenon 340 times, the map of the universe will be revealed.

Semblance's words[]

Am I crazy? Anyway, don't look at this, do you want to see beyond the universe? Let's go.

beyond universe