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Terminus Chamber 10 Nodes

The Terminus Chamber is a structure which holds a model of the simulated infinite multiverse, and shows the player their progress in the game. It is accessed from the Reality Engine.

The more branches of reality the player explores, the closer they come to fulfilling the simulation and completing Semblance's goal.

Glass Name Knowledge Requirement
Brain Glass Brain Glass By developing the human brain, you have unlocked this terminus glass. Now capable of higher thought, this species of advanced primate is poised to take over the world. Buy first Human
Mesozoic Glass Mesozoic Glass By exploring the Mesozoic Valley, you have unlocked this Terminus Glass. The extinction of the dinosaurs gives us insights into how species can disappear. Buy first Tyrannosaurus Rex (Requires Mesozoic Valley rank 26)
Bird Glass Bird Glass By evolving the Neoaves, you have unlocked this terminus glass. Dinosaurs develop into birds, demonstrating just how much evolution can change a species. Buy first Neoave (Blue Jay bird)
Singularity Glass Singularity Glass Your quantum computer simulation could not handle all calculations and crashed. This upgrades your hyper-ram so you can go beyond the Singularity and calculate its effect on the universe. Buy the Singularity for the first time; crash the simulation
Terraform Mars Complete Terraform Mars Complete You have successfully terraformed Mars. Humanity now has a second home. Mars will act as a base for future space exploration. Buy Fully Terraformed Environment (the final item in the Mars colonization branch)
King of the Jungle King of the Jungle You have completed the Mammalian branch of evolution. Now we can better understand our mammal ancestors and relatives. Buy first Feliform
Aquatic Mammal Glass Aquatic Mammal Glass By discovering why some mammals returned to the sea, you haved unlocked this terminus glass. The mysterious ocean depths are the last great frontier on the planet Earth. Unlocked Cetaceans
Reptilian Relatives Reptilian Relatives While they are not the descendants of dinosaurs, crocodilians are the last living archosaurs. Evidence of this can be seen in same traits that distinguish them from other modern reptiles, like their four-chambered heart and cerebral cortex. Unlocked Crocodilians
Planet Glass Planet Glass By collecting all the planets in the solar system, you have unlocked this terminus glass. These planets orbit around the sun and teach us more about the universe. Unlocked All Planets
Interstellar Glass Interstellar Glass By fully exploring our solar system, you unlocked this terminus glass. Exploring deeper into space will unlock new secrets of the cosmos. Unlocked Alpha Centauri.

Further Nodes[]

  • In progress (may come out with the next update) Null Node
  • In progress (may come out with the next update) Null Node
  • In progress (may come out with the next update) Null Node


The Terminus Chamber is as-of-yet incomplete. New Glasses will be added as new branches of evolution are added, with a set number eventually being required to complete the game. More content involving this, and the game's narrative, are anticipated in 2024.