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Tetrapods are the first land generator and the ninth generator overall. Tetrapods include any vertebrates that are not considered fish, belonging in the superclass Tetrapoda. Tetrapods include amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Previously, the generator Tetrapod was named Reptile. However, this changed to Tetrapod in a later update. In addition there used to be two versions of the Tetrapod. The current version is brown with paddle-like legs. The older version is green with jointed legs.




The original colonizers, tetrapods were the first water dwellers to develop legs and amphibious breathing and to crawl to dry land.


The first animals to set their newly evolved legs on land. Reptiles were the explorers of a brand new world.


The tetrapod resembles a brown semiaquatic creature, the creature specifically is unknown, but it most likely resembles a stem tetrapod that is now extinct. Before the garden was updated, it looked like the oldest design, of a green lizard which is now Reptile.

After the Land Garden update, both the Tetrapod's and Reptile's designs were also updated. The Reptile is now a Trophy Animal that can be watched in the Garden.


  • According to the game, tetrapods were the first water dwellers to crawl to dry land. However, in real life, bacteria, plants, fungus, and arthropods all were on land prior any vertebrates.

Old Tetrapod design

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