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The Turtle is the first reptile generator unlocked in the game. It requires Mesozoic Valley rank 3.

The high cost of upgrading the Turtle makes it typically not very useful compared to other generators. For the cost of the final upgrade, the player could instead build dozens of vastly more effective Cyborgs.


Originally emerging during the middle Jurassic period, turtles are one of the oldest of groups of living reptiles.They are known for their distinctive shells.


All Turtle upgrades only require 1 Turtle to unlock. In order, upgrades are unlocked one by one, as follows:

Upgrade Cost Effect Branches off From
Swimming 461.00 B 100% more efficient Turtle
Sea Turtle 1.68 T 200% more efficient Swimming
Slow Speed 6.33 T 125% more efficient Turtle
Hiding 9.66 T 150% more efficient Slow Speed
Box Turtle 33.60 T 250% more efficient Hiding
Strong Jaws 726.00 T 150% more efficient Slow Speed
Snapping Turtle 6.72 Qa 300% more efficient Strong Jaws
Long Lifespan 7.13 Qa 175% more efficient Hiding
Galapagos Tortoise 177.00 Qa 350% more efficient Long Lifespan
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