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Ungulates are the second generator in the mammal tech tree and fifteenth in all.



Ungulates can be split in two groups: Terrestrial ungulates, witch share the trait of hooves, and cetaceans, which have flippers and live in water. Most terrestrial ungulates are herbivores.


The ungulates look like red deer. The one in the tree looks like a female deer, without horns, and in the Land Garden there is a "family" of deer, with a female one like in the tree, a cub with white dots, and a male with big antlers.


All upgrades only require one generator to purchase, in addition to the requirements below.

Upgrades Effect Cost Requirements
Tusks 25% more efficient 211.00T Entropy Ungulates
Deer 35% more efficient 322.00T Entropy Ungulates
Hippopotamus 45% more efficient 736.00T Entropy Tusks
Food Source 55% more efficient 4.33Qa Entropy Deer
Nose Horn 100% more efficient 9.55Qa Entropy Tusks
Rhinoceros 75% more efficient 48.20Qa Entropy Nose Horn
Gazelle 85% more efficient 60.30Qa Entropy Deer
Stripes 95% more efficient 84.40Qa Entropy Deer
Horns 130% more efficient 134.00Qa Entropy Gazelle
Zebra 110% more efficient 1.73Sx Entropy Stripes
Elongated Neck 120% more efficient 237.00Sx Entropy Stripes
Humps 130% more efficient 388.00Sx Entropy Deer
Camel 130% more efficient 7.11Sp Entropy Humps
Giraffe 140% more efficient 27.70Sp Entropy Elongated Neck
Leg Regression 145% more efficient 930.00 Sp Entropy Unlocking Cetaceans

(2.50 M MetaBits),


Megafauna 150% more efficient 487.00Sp Entropy Humps
Diving 155% more efficient,

unlocks Cetaceans

5.60 Oc Entropy Leg Regression
Buffalo 160% more efficient 41.40 Oc Entropy Megafauna
Wooly Coats 160% more efficient 369.00 Oc Entropy Gazelle
Mountain Goat 170% more efficient 4.31No Entropy Wooly Coats
Trunk 250% more efficient 75.60Dc Entropy Nose Horn
Elephant 275% more efficient 886.00 Udc Entropy Trunk
Ibex 375% more efficient 3.34Tdc Entropy Horns
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